Who is the first military head of state in Nigeria?

Who was the first military head of state in Nigeria after its independence? Who is military dictatorship head of state now? Read the article to find the answer to these questions.

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The first military head of state in Nigeria has appeared right after the declaration of independence of Nigeria. Before monarchs and governors-general, among whom there was Elizabeth II, ruled the state.

First military head of state in Nigeria

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe is the Nigerian politician, the first president of Nigeria, the founder of Nigerian nationalism. He is known under a name Zik. Benjamin Nnamdi is the representative of the nationality of Igbo. From 1925 to 1934, he studied in the USA where he has graduated in natural and the humanities, and also in journalism. After return to Africa, he has begun to issue the local newspaper of West African Pilot in English in Lagos. In 1944, he has taken part in the creation of the organization of National council of Nigeria and Cameroon. In 1963, he became the president of Nigeria, having laid the foundation for an era of the First Nigerian republic. He was displaced as a result of a military coup of 1966. Subsequently, he supported separatist aspirations of Biafra.

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Who is military dictatorship head of state now

Who is military dictatorship head of state now?

The president and military head of state in Nigeria is Muhammadu Buhari. On the 31st of December 1983, the major general Buhari has led the country after a successful military coup when the president Shehu Shagari was overthrown. Prior to a revolution, Buhari ordered an armored division. Muhammadu Buhari considered the occupation of the power by the military headquarters in the country justified, as in his opinion, the civil government was hopelessly corrupted. After coming of the military to power, for the delay for work public servants had a public humiliation (they were forced to jump as a frog).

Buhari has issued also the decree on the restriction of freedom of the press and the decree on the imprisoning of opponents of the mode into custody up to three months without presentation of official charges. Besides, he has forbidden strikes of workers and has founded secret police in Nigeria. At his power, the popular musician and the political critic Fela Kuti have been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment. The Amnesty International organization has condemned this sentence and called papers of the case fabricated. In the conditions of deterioration in economic conditions and the continuing corruption, Buhari was overthrown as a result of a coup. Muhammadu Buhari was in custody in Benin City till 1988. In 2003, 2007 and 2011, he was a candidate for the president's post, but every time took the second place. He has won a general election of the president in March 2015, having bypassed the incumbent president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and has collected 15.4 million votes against 13.3. Buhari has won in seven states, generally in the north, and Jonathan in five oil-extracting southern states, including in the capital.

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