Who is the Top 3 richest female musician in Nigeria?

People are always interested in financial abilities of celebrities. Read the article to meet Top 3 richest female musician in Nigeria.

richest musitian
Most of us have been longing to see the Top 3 Nigeria Richest Female Musician.

You can easily find the information or articles about the Top 20 or Top 10 Richest Musician in Africa.

But, if you take a good look at that list you will see that only 3 Female make the list. So base on that statistic we can compile the list of Top 3 Richest Female Musician in Nigeria.

So, going deep into the issue, you can see as follows.

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Tiwa Savage

She is pulling much hit to remain on top as number one. But let’s see how possible it will be in a few years from now.

Tiwa Savage has $4.85million. Tiwa Savage is unarguably Nigeria’s richest female musician. Tiwa Savage is currently the richest female musician in Nigeria, and her net worth may soon cross over to ten million in this rating within the next couple of months.


Chidinma Ekile

She owns $2.86million. Chidinma's biggest video to date is ‘Kedike’ with 1.2 million YouTube hit, followed by “Oh Baby” featuring Flavour which currently has 600,000 views. And collective views of about 5 million for her songs.


Yemi Alade

She possesses $2.1million.

Yemi Alade total views for ‘JONNY’ as at this time is correspondently 13,435,171, and she was said to have replicated the song in French which further expanded her audience.

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