Woman names her newborn twins after USA president

This is definitely a very unusual event. Have you ever thought to name your child after the president? Read in this article what led to such an extraordinary action? And what parents of twin brothers think about this?

Donald Trump

Latifa Huxley from South Carolina has become famous all over the world. The woman managed to take the titles of the top media after the birth of her twins. She gave birth to twins in the Grand Strand Medical Center and called the twin brothers - Donald and Trump after the newly elected US president, Donald Trump.

Proud mother of twins, Latif Huxley, who clearly succumbed to emotional outbursts explained her decision. In addition, she said that she doesn't regret her action. Let's hear her!!! She told local reporters:

"We weren't planning on naming them after Donald Trump at first, but it is clearly a divine sign that our next president shows up in our state on the day my little sunshines are born."

"President Donald Trump is a bright and successful man with strong moral values that represents what America is all about."

twin brothers - Donald and Trump and family

Parents of boys believe that the birth of twins is a sign of God. Moreover, they argue that the timing of the South Carolina GOP primary with the birth of their twins in February is not just a coincidence. Father of the boys, Damian Huxley, said:

"It is truly a blessing and a God-given sign."

"After all the division Obama has brought upon this country, it is a great privilege to have my children born on this auspicious day."

"I don't care if my (USA) president is black or white, all I know is that Trump is a man of his word and we believe him when he says that he will make America great again."

twin brothers - Donald and Trump

In addition, Damian added that currently 8.5 monthly twins grow and develop very well and they are ingenious boys.

Donald Trump's campaign supervisors also have not remained apathetic and have talked about this news.

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Donald Trump

"I think Americans are ready for real change. "

"Eight years of Obama in the White House has left the American dream in shambles and Americans want a president that will unite the country and make things better as they used to be. These twin babies will one day be very proud to be named after a great man and a great leader that will spare no expense to make America great again."

I want to find out how parents would felt if Donald Trump lost the election ...

Before, we knew that the woman with Kenya named her twins "Barack Obama" and "Mitt Romney". Let us remember how it was! Watch the video=)

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