Do love spells work?

What are love spells and what can they do for your relationships? Do they work? Find out now.

The 21st century is a period of new technologies, scientific proofs and interesting theories. However, many people still believe in magic and mystery. For example, they hope to manage to bring ex back or to make the rich person fall in love with them by means of magic. It is really amusing, isn't it? Let's understand what love spells exist in theory and why correct answer on question ‘Do love spells work’ is obviously negative.

do love spells work

Love spells using pictures

One of the most known types of love spells is made with photo. According to the name of this magic ceremony, you can already guess that there is no communication between photo and relations. Nevertheless, let's learn how it sounds.

love spells with photo

‘This spell will help you to bring your ex back. You can also make the man fall in love with you. The picture has to be rather new. Efficiency of love spell with old picture will be very low or absent at all. The guy who is pleasant to you has to be sole. No other people or animals should be on a picture. The photo has to be qualitative and accurate. The love spell will be strong if eyes are clearly visible. The washed-away and enlarged images aren't recommended to be used. Don't use scissors. It's impossible to cut off images, deleting unnecessary objects or people. Magic ceremonies work only with the raw pictures. Sorcery and scissors are incompatible.

This magic ritual is carried out in house conditions. Even if you and your lover are at great distance, the love spell will surely work. Two church candles and the photo will be required. At midnight, candles must be lit and the guy's picture is taken in hand. Looking in eyes to the person represented on a photo, you should read a plot. It is said seven times. Then the photo is burned, and ashes are thrown out of window. It's quite simple to charm the beloved this way. The result can be seen in a week’.

OK, but what is common between the photo, words and candles? Why the picture needs to be burned after that? Our advice: if you really want to make the guy have a crush on you, work on yourself. Try to spend more time together. Don't fool about it.

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Love spells using hair

love spells hair

There is one more popular love spell, which will force to laugh much. It is a really big absurd. In this magic ritual, hair are used. You'll ask for certain: how to get hair of the beloved? Why it's necessary? Of course, as well as in many other love spells, this rule remains unreasonable. But let's learn what is done by the people who have made up the mind to such strange step.

‘Carrying out the ritual requires only three hairs of darling. It's necessary to mix them with five hairs from your own head and to burn completely. While they will be burnt and melt, you have to ask the highest forces to unite with darling. Words of plot aren't so important. It’s possible to ask as heart orders.

Carrying out the following ritual requires several things at once: firstly, the hair of darling received secretly. Secondly, you should make a wax doll, which needs to be made independently. Thirdly, knowledge of Christian ritual of wedding is necessary.

The wax doll will symbolize your beloved. For the best visualization, it is possible to attach the small photo of darling to her head. Ritual consists in reading prayers”.

As always, a lot of things in this ritual remain unclear. For example, why three or five hairs? Why the wax doll is used for this purpose? Even if you are the Christian, then you have to remember that the church doesn't welcome magic love spells. Then why this one uses a prayer from this religion?

Love spells free

love spell candle

In the Internet and other mass media, it is often possible to see the announcement: free love spells. Of course, we don't advise you to resort to this way. These ‘wizards’ usually act in such cases this way: the victim, who is sure of love spell’s efficiency, addresses them. The business is made absolutely free as it was discussed earlier. However, after that the sorcerer can use blind belief of the person. Often such manipulations are used by swindlers. They ask money from clients. Having been refused, they threaten to jinx the person or his family. Therefore, don't even try to get mixed up in it. Why it is necessary to you?

Nowadays you have to remember that love spell is a prejudice, which is absolutely inefficient. Moreover, the Bible tells us that it is a part of sourcery and it is a sin. Try other, more effective methods to draw attention of the person who is nice to you. Do good things for him or her. Find the general subjects for conversation. Why do people still try to use silly magic, which has been already disproved many times?


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Answered 2 months ago.

I've never understood people who magically want to return a loved one. It is not normal somehow. If the person is gone, it means you have fallen out of love, do not stir up his feelings with the help of omens. Until it does not bring good. Man, you try to bewitch can catch the disease, failure. He gradually or immediately start drinking alcohol and become drunk. This is not the best fate for the man you love. If the beloved is gone - let go, it would be much better for both of you. No need to be selfish and put their feelings above all else.

Answered 10 months ago.

Love spells are divided into white and black. People who in one way or another were connected with magic, you know that a white love spell is essentially little or no harm may not cause any one who charms, nor what they bewitch. The maximum that can feel both sides, so that small health problems or General health. Black love spell is fraught with various consequences, including the insane actions and even death. That is why, deciding on a love spell, it is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons, as well as to evaluate the possible effects of a love spell, because its power affects the energy and biofield complete stranger who has no idea about the interference in his life at high levels of energy.

Answered 10 months ago.
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