How best to make love – Top 10 tips for men

Sex will always be a mystery for those who don’t try new things. But maybe you should try once? What should men and women do to make love better? Find out right now!

Have you ever flipped through magazines, which your man or woman reads? No? But it’s worth it! You would learn a lot about him or her. There is a lot of useful information as how to make the best love to your man or how to make the best love to your girlfriend. There are plenty of sexual tips: instructional, informative and unpredictable. Check out the best ones that the girls like.

1. Sex is not a race

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You will not believe, but the first tip from girls is that sex is not a race. A man must use the maximum amount of time for the investigation of her body. This tip deserves a round of applause! But that's not all - focus on the lower part of her stomach and thighs. Glances, drawing a circle, kisses and caress her with your tongue. Slow sexy touches, moves and kisses… Girls love it!

2. Say ‘Yes’ to head massage

It is a delight! Finally, men will find out that women like a head massage. Gentle touches to her hair give sensual impulses throughout the body. Follow this piece of advice!

3. Train with her

man in love

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Use burning of fat as a prelude! Training with a partner increases the dopamine level and reduce anxiety. This is the ideal combination for an unforgettable sex. And here's another interesting fact. The smell of male sweat (after a workout) contains androstadienone, a derivative of testosterone, which increases female sexual excitability. Of course, we believe the scientists, but also clean man smell sexy. So feel free to take a shower before sex.

4. Be a gentleman

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All the same, girls named this as the most crave in bed. So, what do girls want? Compliments! And yes, ‘Wow!’ and ‘I want you’ is not quite what girls expect to hear. Psychologists and sexologists suggest men to be accurate in compliments, to personalize them. And girls agree with that. What else have professionals advised to men? The more sincerely you praise her, the better she perceives it. For her, it is a signal that you are interested not only in her body but also in her personality. Everyone knows girls love it. There is also a lesson for girls: do not be greedy for compliments. Men love it too.

5. Legs!

touch a woman

Your man (for no reason) pay attention to your feet and even decided to please you, massaging them?  Be sure. He heard that foot massage increases your chances of orgasm. Maybe he even heard the fact of the importance of warm feet for a woman. The most men are not even aware of it. And this fact is worth to pay attention to. As a woman with warm feet is 30% more likely to get an orgasm. Shocking? That’s not all!

6. Shall we dance?

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When have you danced with her for the last time? At the wedding of a cousin of your grandmother? But only few people realize that a slow dance is one of the most proven ways to start a great sex. It's not just a dance, it’s a ritual seduction, which in our time is used only by teenagers at school discos. Girls support the renewal of this tradition.

7. Pretend my… but not wife!

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Want to meet the best nurse, teacher, or the wild Amazon?  For many people role-playing games are not exactly what they are willing to try, but it’s worth trying. It may bring a spark into your sexual relationship. Many women dream to open up and challenge her man, even in bed. Especially in bed. If something goes wrong, you can always stop the process.

8. Choose music wisely

Music can lift your mood or, conversely, ‘throw’ into a depression. Specialists advise to create a romantic playlist and use it during your sexual games. However, music should not be monotonic. It will be good if the background music starts from the light seductive songs and slowly turns into frankly erotic and rhythmic melodies. I hope the guys realize that using AC / DC will not work.

9. Be spontaneous

be spontaneous

Spontaneity is a key element, which eventually disappears. Then bed becomes just a place for sex.  But there is still a kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in your apartment (and outside it). The main secret is just to do things differently than you're used to. It's a perfect way to break the routine sexual relations.

10. Try new and daring poses for sex

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Get used to have sex in the same position? What about a piquant pose called ‘Cuban dive’? A man is playing an active role in this pose. The partner lifts her knees to her chest and puts his feet on the shoulders of the partner. It will help the penetrating to be much deeper and more enjoyable for her and you, of course.

Follow these tips and your sexual life will never be a routine!

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