How to ask a woman out by text – 5 best tips for Nigerian men

Do you want how to make an ideal invitation for date? Read the article to make the girl agree to meet with you!

Some guys are too shy to ask a woman out in real life. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to go with girl for a walk or toasting a girl. It’s only necessary to find right words for it. Texting can be a right way for such guys. Special for you we publish best dating tips for men.

dating tips for men

Dating tips for shy guys

Ideally, most of girls prefer that they were invited to date personally. If you are so shy and can't ask the girl out neither at personal meeting, nor by phone, then the best way is to do it by toast SMS. Most likely you will be able to do it more plausibly that the girl agree. It is very important to be extremely valid and speak to the point regardless of you invite her to meeting or suggest her to become your girl.

toasting a girl

Dating tips first date

1. Think up something interesting for date. If you are know this person rather well, then consider her interests when you ask her out. The more attractively the invitation sounds, the higher probability to receive consent to it is. Moreover, if you plan a specific place and time of meeting, then you will be more convincing than if you just said: 'Let's spend time together' or 'I don't know what do you like'. There are several ideas which you have to note before inviting the girl to date:

Dating tips for shy guys

  • If you like identical music, invite her to concert.
  • Ask her to out on lunch or just to eat ice cream. Remember that dates not have to be necessarily connected with food. Make a foot walk together or go in bowling!
  • Choose such kind of activity where you will have an opportunity to communicate and know each other closer. Try not to invite her at cinema because you will sit silently, and you won't be able to talk.

Dating tips first date

2. Send her the first SMS. At first greet her to begin conversation. If you suddenly have met her and aren't sure whether she has kept your number in her phone or not, then probably you need to remind her who you are.

3. If you saw her recently, then try to think up some pretext to begin the conversation concerning your last meeting. For example, if you were together at any party, then it is possible to write: 'Hi. How have you spent the rest of evening?' If you were together at study, try to write: 'Are you ready for the test on Monday?’ or something like this.

toast SMS

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  • Before inviting her on date, wait for her answer to your first SMS. Don't forget that she can be busy, and her phone can be not with her. Be patient.

4. Invite her to meeting. After you managed to start the conversation, it is time to ask her out. You can ask at first what plans has she this day or for the weekend. If the girl said that she is free, then invite her to meeting. Write her SMS: 'Would you like to do something with me?'

Dating tips first date

5. Don't wait too long. You probably don't want that your conversation has gone in other direction, and your invitation to date seemed ridiculous or unexpected. There is no need for a long conversation if you write to each other.

  • Be laconic. Just ask: 'Do you want to go to the cinema?' or 'Will we go to bowling on Friday evening?'
  • Plan the specific place and time for meeting. If you just say: 'Do you want to watch the movie?' it will sound not convincingly. It is very important that she felt gravity of intentions and understood that you have considered it.

Dating tips for shy guys 1

  • Offer her something suitable. Maybe she wants to meet you, but plays bowling awfully. Or maybe the girl wishes to eat with you, but she was in the place offered by you yesterday. Make her think that you have a plan, but you are open for other offers too.


Remember: it isn't terrible to invite the girl to date. Be self-assured. In that case, you'll precisely achieve success. Good luck!

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