How to disvirgin a girl

Sex is a sensitive topic, but it naturally evokes many questions. Get one of them answered now: how to disvirgin a girl.

disvirgin a girl without pain

Are you a young guy, who is not very experienced in sex yet? Or do you have relationships with a girl and want to know how to pass correctly to the next stage? Get all the answers here and now! Find out how to behave, what to say and do in order to avoid confusion and dumb situations. Find out all the essential information about methods of how to disvirgin a girl, right in this article!

how to disvirgin a girl

Virginity is a complex thing. It is not only about the body of a woman or a man. You know, there are such things as male virginity and female virginity. It is more about the integrity and moral purity of a lady. You know, today people can actually have sex without deflorating a girl. They may do oral sex or even anal sex. Would a woman stay a virgin after such things? A good question to ask before you learn how to disvirgin a girl.

Still if we talk about the traditional forms of intercourse, virginity is about breaking the hymen of a woman with the man’s penis. What is a hymen and could a girl be still a virgin and have no hymen or have a broken hymen? Let’s get some answers.

disvirgin a girl

Hymen is a piece of flesh that closes the entrance to vagina, but it has an opening in it. Many people ask if a virgin girl can see her period. The answer is yes, she can because of that opening in the hymen. When people have sex, the hymen gets broken and some bleeding occurs.

However, you can disvirgin a girl and see no blood coming. Hymen is quite a fragile thing and it can be easily broken when a girl works hard, lifts up heavy things or just actively plays or rides a bike.

First intercourse tips

First intercourse tips

If you are eager to know, how to disvirgin a girl, you should understand that the first sex is very important. And ideally it should take place in marriage. Both man and woman are usually very excited and afraid of it. To make it pleasurable and cease possible pain, it is importamt to follow particular rules. They are:

  • Foreplay. It is very important to create romantic atmosphere. Remember that sex is the highest expression of love. The easiest way to disvirgin a girl is to make her relax and trust you completely. The first night might be stressful and exciting for you, but what it is for her!? That's why you must prepare.
  • Kissing and caressing are necessary before the actual intercourse. During the immature sex, it is better to avoid clitoris irritation, as it can make a woman frigid. She needs to know how to feel deep satisfaction from the vaginal orgasm. Another type of it might be added a bit later.

First sex tips

  • Besides the kissing right before sex, the prelude is also advisable. Try to be very tender and caring during the prelude, show your love. The place is important as well. There is nothing good in having ‘hard’ sex on kitchen table, at least when it's the very first time.
  • Position. This is another key thing. It's necessary to select one, in which both partners will be able to feel comfortable. A lot of people say that the missionary position is the best answer to question how a girl can be disvirgined. However, the experts disagree. For reaching a perfect position, a girl must lay on back with knees up. A man poses himself towards her at the right angle. His thighs should be under her lifted legs. While his right thigh stays under the woman’s buttocks, he must put his left one between her legs, thus, forcing her lifted right leg downward toward his right leg. Such position allows the closest contact and freedom of movements. Plus such a position offers the least pain and discomfort for the woman.

First intercourse

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  • Duration. The first time, men are not usually able to control their sperm discharge. In the position described above, sex might continue for about half an hour. However, after several times, it might be prolonged. The same as little kids have to exercise their sphincter muscles to control urine, so adults should exercise their muscles till they are finally able to resist the urgent desire for orgasm. The key thing is that man must never withdraw, but remain motionless after the orgasm for at least thirty minutes, even if he has his orgasm before completing half hour of intercourse and regardless of his lost erection. It is an opinion of some experts.
  • Concentration. As a man, you must focus on every stage, described above. Every little detail is important. Your attention mustn't be distracted by any other things.

intimacy in couple

  • Both of you should train yourself in understanding all the experienced sensations. Thus, their perception might be developed. If there's something like phone rings, children’s cries or any thoughts, then the brain starts working and makes your attention shift.
  • Relaxation. As we’ve said, both partners must be completely relaxed. Atmosphere, position, mood are the most essential things. Physical, emotional, and mental relaxation are required. Besides, the organism must not be exhausted. You and your woman should have good rest before intercourse.

During the first night after marriage, a lot of couples don't know what to do actually. Besides the rules listed above, there're several tips, which may allow avoiding pain and confusion:

first night after marriage

  • Prepare all the necessary things, such as condoms, books about sex, or even products and tools for a sex play.
  • Talk to each other about things you like, where you prefer to be touched and how.
  • Add dab of water-based lube on entrance of vagina and to the inside part of condom. It will allow easier penetration.
  • Make sure both of you are completely aroused, otherwise the process might be painful. Prelude is very effective for it.

first night

  • Try different positions to define the most comfortable ones.
  • If erection goes away, remember, it will come back soon, it happens in most cases.
  • If woman feels discomfort or pain, it's better to have break and to try again later. It is vital to be completely relaxed.
  • Sometimes one or both partners may not have orgasm during the first time. It's absolutely normal.

Developing your skills and knowledge, you can make sex pleasurable and painless for both of you. Don't forget, if you aren't married, intercourse should follow a period of dating. It is better to know each other and learn to trust.

first kiss

When a man loves his woman their first sex will certainly become unforgettable for both of them. So it is very important not to leave negative and even traumatic impressions. Be gentle, sensitive and caring to make your lady feel you are the right person for her.

Do not forget that losing virginity is very important for women. So if she has chosen you – it means you are special for her, you are the one. So you should make this day perfect for her. Make a romantic dinner, watch a movie about love and help your lady relax with tender kisses and massage. She will remember this day forever and she will be happy that you are the one.

happy couple

The first intercourse is very important thing for both man and woman. That’s why it's important to make it special and be prepared. If you ask how to disvirgin a girl without causing pain, try to follow our rules and tips. They'll help you to avoid pain, discomfort, and shift your relations to a new level.

Do not forget to talk with your lady after sex, asking her about her impressions and feelings. What she liked or not, whether she felt comfortable and free in motions. Be a caring man and you will reach success!


how to disvirgin a girl


There are certain ways in which you could come to discover how to DISVIRGIN a girl with EASE and no Pain. Virginity of a girl is based on an intact hymen which has not been touched or damaged.

The hymen is the stuff of legend and lore in numerous societies, the cherished prize a lady gives her significant other on their wedding night. In light of numerous ladies' ignorance about the hymen, they might have their hymens "reestablished" to a condition they may never have needed in any case. Individuals regularly don't recognise what it would seem that or what truly transpires when virginity is lost.


Like eyes, noses and bosoms, everybody is somewhat diverse. Young ladies regularly disturb the hymen amid play. What really happens when the hymen is "broken," whether by pla

ying or by intercourse, is that a couple of zones of the hymen are torn. There is regularly some dying.

In any case, the hymen is prized and guardians (and high schoolers) now and again stress that the prize has been lost. Frequently, moms convey their little girls to see me since they, or the father, need to know whether the young lady is a virgin.

Obviously, in New York (and numerous states) high schoolers have a privilege to classified care so I can't tell the mother anything unless the adolescent gives me authorization to do as such. Be that as it may, regardless of the fact that I am permitted to converse with the guardian to be honest, I frequently can't give the yes-no answer they need. It is not all that simple to tell whether a young lady is a virgin, since hymens are so changed. In the event that there is a sorry hymen I have no chance to get of realizing what transpired. Is it accurate to say that it was a beau or a bike? Then again, maybe, this young lady did not have much tissue there in any case. Read more at http://humorafunny.blogspot.com.ng/2016/07/disvirgin-girl-without-her-feeling-pains.html

Answered 5 months ago.

First sex remembered almost all of the girls: some in a good way, and some in bad. If you care about how to deprive the girl of virginity (so that it is enthusiastically retold the story of his first sexual experience with girlfriends or tried to forget it as a nightmare), then you are most likely to use the following tips. So how to deprive of virginity the girl is responsible, there are no trifles. For the first sex and the decor is important, and training "maneuvers" and the manner of behavior of the guy with the girl. Not the most successful or unsuccessful age for deprivation of innocence. In the 13-14 years old most girls are ready to lose your virginity physiologically, as in this age is the formation of the female body, but not mentally. So with the first sexual experience is better to wait. Nothing mandatory in choosing a partner for your first sexual experience. The only thing it is advisable to deal with a more experienced guy than the newbie, so that during sex some of you knew better and how to do it better.

Answered 10 months ago.
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