How to flush sperm out of the body

Can you really flush the sperm out of your vagina after sex? Learn the truth.


This question is often times asked by ladies, who hope to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. Is it even possible to flush sperm out of the body

How to flush the sperm out?

There are several methods you can use for this purpose. Let's list them.

flush sperm out of the body

  • Flush out with water
    You can douche using shower or a fountain syringe. Use lukewarm water to do this. Douching should be done just a minute or two after the sex, while the sperm stays thick. 

  • Flush our with urine
    Some ladies believe that urinating after sex can help them to flush sperm out of their bodies. That is a myth. The sperm gets shot higher up the vagine, while your urine runs in the lower part. It cannot possibly prevent the unwanted pregnancy by washing the sperm out. 

     sperm out

  • Taking the bath 
    While soaking in a hot bath you get water flowing into your vagina. However, that is not a sure way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. 

The truth is none of these or other "flushing" methods are reliable for avoiding pregnancy or washing the sperm out. A surer way is to use spermicide before and during sex or take the next day pill.  

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