Sign of disvirgin – true virginity concept for Nigerians

For many men virginity in a woman is one of the most important qualities. They wish to have virgin wives and marry well. FInd out what is the sign if disvirgin.

For some men virginity is the “holy grail” when it goes about women. Some of them are set to marry a virgin, while others are obsessed about having sex with one. They deem it to be something special. Despite many misconceptions, there is no one sign of disvirgin or virginity to find. So, the question is how to know female virginity? First let’s understand what virginity is.
Sign of disvirgin

 Sings of disvirgin - most commonly asked questions

Aside from the virginity concept people get all kinds of questions on this topic. Let’s address some of them.

  • Can a virgin girl see her period?
    People have an idea that hymen closes up the vagina and period blood cannot issue out. That is a misconception. Hymen has an opening in it, so a virgin girl sees her period.
    virginity questions answered
  • Should all virgins have hymen?
    Some girls are born without it! Plus, it is a very fragile tissue and it can get easily broken during various physical activities. And those activities are not sex. A girl may ride a bike or lift up something heavy, or just actively play and her hymen gets broken or damaged. So, the absence of it is not a sign of disvirgin.
  • Can a disvirgin lady restore her broken hymen?
    Indeed, she can. Now they do a surgery to sew it up and a man can never tell if she truly is a virgin or if her hymen got restored. This operation could be performed several times on a woman!

As you see, these questions are commonly asked and the answers are rather curious and interesting. Read on to learn the signs of virginity in women.

Signs of virginity:

One of the simplest ways to describe virginity is the absence of any sexual relationships with the opposite gender. This basically means that a virgin girl has never had sex with a man. However, virginity of women does not exclude the possibility of these ladies having sex with other women or the possibility of masturbation or other kinds of sex with men. Thus, we can say that virginity is not really connected to purity, but rather to the fact the man she is with is the first one, who enters her most inner bodily parts.

 true virginity conceptAt this, the woman still might have had certain erotic relations with other men, but they did not enter her body. Moreover, in some situations a woman can even get impregnated without direct penetration of penis into her vagina. This happens when a male ejaculates near vagina or inserts his fingers (containing sperm) inside of it. The chances are minor, but they are still there.   

So, as you see, the signs of virginity are rather contradictory. It all depends on what “virginity” means to you. If that is sexual purity, then the signs of it should be looked for in the girl’s personality and the pureness of her heart. If all you care is to be the first one in, then one of the signs might be the presence of unbroken hymen. Men have great misconceptions on this subject. It is widely believed that a virgin must have hymen.

true virginity concept for NigeriansStill, today many females make a surgery to restore the hymen. They can become “virgins” again even after years of sexual experience with all kinds of men. Plus, some women are born without hymen or they accidentally break it down during the course of life. This can happen when a girl cycles or lifts up something heavy, etc.
This tissue is very fragile and it is located on the outside of vagina, so it can be easily broken. Thus the presence of hymen is not the only and the truest sing of virginity. This means when you disvirgin a lady, she may not have any bleeding or other “obvious” signs of it.

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So, what is the sign of disvirgin?

Well, pregnancy can be one of them. It was mentioned that a virgin still can get pregnant without proper intercourse, but it happens rather rarely. And, it means she did have some form of sex with a male. So, early signs of pregnancy are good indicators that the girl is not a virgin. Some guys think that a virgin should look or act differently, she should be modest and shy unlike her more experienced friends. Those ideas are kind of outdated and old fashionable.

Sign of disvirgin for NigeriansThat might not be the case, as there are no outer signs on the girl’s face or her body of being a virgin or not. Some virgins may be active at dating and very free and flirtatious with men. So, the real and only sign of true virginity of a girl is her soul and heart. If she is a true believer and if she honors her future husband, than the virginity she possesses would not be faked.

She would not engage in any kind of sexual activity with any person (male or female). No oral sex, no fellatio, no touching of body private parts and no impurity in her soul and thoughts. This way you can be sure to be the very first man for her. However, the price of such virginity is high. The ladies who respect and value themselves to such a degree would not engage in sexual relations before marriage.

Sign of disvirgin – true virginity concept 1She stores her best to offer to that special one and he should be willing to pay the price, marry her and stay committed to her both sexually, financially and in any other way. So, virginity is a serious thing to consider. Both in Christianity and in Islam it’s a key issue. However, the Bible does not put all the value of a woman in this quality. It states that the condition of the heart is the most important thing to look for. The “ideal woman and wife” described in the book of Proverbs (chapter 31) was written by someone with a very controversial reputation. Her name was Bashiba and she committed fornication. Nonetheless, she has made a worthy wife for the anointed one of God.

So, when you think of virginity, consider the responsibility that is on the man who finds such a woman. Do not get too consume with the idea of disvirging someone, but rather of the value of that person in relationships with you. This information would help you to avoid making a mistake and get you posted on the true sign of virginity and purity. 


Very fun recommendations! I think, nowadays virginity not important as before. Honestly speaking, we don't require, that men of virginity, we quietly accept our loved ones with all experience, that they had. It's normal in any relationship. Also, virginity does not mean, that this girl be good person, wife or friend. It gives us not enough information about her individual features. Therefore virginity outside should indicate internal virginity - and only in this case it represents certain value.

Answered 1 year ago.

Still I think that virginity today is not such important and precious thing as it was many years ago. Girls novadays loose their virginity as tactically being children, and in some countries it is considered as normal thing, and somehow it is also normal that the girl of 15 or less age has a child! This is unbelievable for me, because l just have been waiting for the person who l would totally and completely trust and love for more than 20 years. I think it important to give a part of yourself to the person who really loves you and appreciates your decision.

Answered 1 year ago.

I regard this magnificent article with an interest. Of Course you can be sure that if a woman is pregnant already she is not a virgin. But let's stop for a second and admire those girls how are truly virgins in our crazy society. I feel like you should give an oscar to these girls. They are so respectful and honest, they do not want to spoil their bodies before wedding. It is truly just beautiful and respectful. Girls usually behave in such harsh, rude or very flirty way. I like those girls who are reading a lot and are self-preserved.

Answered 1 year ago.

Hahaha))) Very good article, paragraph made me laugh how did recognize that the girl was not a virgin))) The clearest way to understand it (written in the article) - if the girl is pregnant! Ahahaha))) Well, yes, it is logical in principle !!! So she had sex with a man))) Again, a logical argument!))) Oh, I laugh very much. What about those girls who just have sex, but do not get pregnant? After all, they, too, are no longer a virgin! To determine a girl, you should understand that if a girl has sex with you, she was not a virgin, but not pregnant))) Somehow it turns out)))

Answered 1 year ago.
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