Ways of toasting a girl in Nigeria

Wish to meet and date more nice ladies? Find out how to toast them and make the first step in meeting them.

Every man wants to find a beautiful and suitable woman for himself. However, only few of them actually know about the ways of toasting a girl. Remember, it isn't easy thing, as it can seem from the first sight. Women are very complicated creatures, and each of them requires special approach.

Ways of toasting a girl in Nigeria

If you're intending to date girls, you must find out more information about them. Especially about the one you like. The other thing, which you should also know, is the methods to romance a girl. There exist lots of various ones.

Wooing methods

Ways of toasting a girl might be divided into several groups, which contain the following:

 toasting a girl in NigeriaDirect method. We should say a man must be brave enough to tell about the feelings directly. However, it might work in some cases, although, everything usually depends on a particular girl and the situation. Sometimes you need the time to prepare her for your confession. It’s advisable to make certain, if she also likes you or think you’re attractive as a man.

Toasting SMS. It’s much easier to text something than to pronounce it. That’s why plenty of guys prefer this very method. They may express their feelings and write beautiful words without being confused or mixing anything up. You can type anything you want, check it, and only then send the message to a woman. It is very convenient. Moreover, don’t forget that almost all the girls adore texting. They will be very delighted and flattered that you write to them.

Toast SMS might be different. They can contain just cute things with the hints of feeling or the whole confession. Besides, nowadays you can also do it via social networks (like Facebook), but it isn't so effective and romantic.

TeWays of toasting a girl lephone conversations. It may seem similar to direct method, but it isn't so. Talking by the phone's something more intimate. Of course, it depends on time you’re calling. It’s advisable to do it in the evening, when your girl's going to bed. Sometimes the girls are not ready for such intimacy. Then, you have to prepare her.

Start calling a bit earlier and every time do it several minutes later. She’ll finally get accustomed to it and will trust you more.

Poems. This is very romantic way of expressing your affection. It shouldn’t be obligatory poems. You can create, for example, a love song. If it seems too direct, then don’t tell the girl it’s about her. If you want, you may give a tiny hint by telling her it’s about the one you love. Or it’s also possible to say that she's inspired you to write it. She'll feel special, and it’s our main purpose.

These are common ways of toasting. You can create your own variations, if you want to.

Text messages to woo a girl

As we’ve said, SMS is one of widespread ways of getting a girl’s heart. To achieve your aim successfully, you'll have to observe several important things, among which:

Ways of toasting a girl 1Time of texting. There are guys, who've missed their chance because they've cared little of the time. They didn’t pay attention to it and could even call a girl whenever they wanted. Many women don’t approve of it actually. They might be busy or annoyed by telephone conversation. It’s essential to avoid calling in such situations. She’ll appreciate it and will be grateful. Even if she reads your message a bit later, she’ll smile and think of you.

Best time’s at night. It’s very romantic and cute if you initiate texting in the evening and exchange messages until late at night (the time she’s already in bed). Thus, she’ll start thinking of you before falling asleep.

The first text. Sometimes it’s hard to find appropriate words for the first messages. You may not know what to start the conversation with. In such case, all you need's simplicity. No complementary or sweet words are necessary. To create a casual talk, you can just write “Just thought I would say hi!” or anything like this.

Ways of toasting a girl in Nigeria 2Don’t flirt every time. There're men, who think it’s necessary to always be romantic. It’s wrong. Such behavior can only make the girl bored. It’s useful to mix your texts with everyday things. Thus, you’ll show you’re interested not only in romance.

Flirt when there is an opportunity. Although you shouldn’t do it all the time, try to never miss the right moment. When she says anything good about herself, tease her in any way you think to be appropriate.

toasting a girl 1Memories. You must create special bonds between you through your messages. Recollections of something you’ve spoken about are extremely helpful. Here might be favorite songs, films, places, etc.

Use of emoticons. The majority of women like when texts are emotional. Just add several kisses at the end of good night message.
If you need, you may explain it as goodbye kisses on the cheek or anything like that.
She may response the same way, and it'll be a good sign.

Get naughty. Write things with some hints. Don’t feel afraid of being a bit wild. You can create a kind of a game with your messages. It can be even sexy, and the girl will like it. For instance, type “Wish I was with you now”. If she is asking why, you can respond “Cannot say right now” or just ask “You've said you’re in your bed, right?”

If you keep to these rules, you can successfully toast a girl.

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Useful tips and examples

There exist more helpful things, which can affect your success. They are as follows:

 girl in Nigeria1.    Saying good morning. Sending morning messages, remember there're many ways of saying it. Make the girl know you remember about her and think of her. Wish her to have a nice day.

2.    Make simple things more romantic. There're different ways even for writing “Hello”. For instance, “'Hello' denotes H=How are you? E=Everything all right? L=Like to hear from you. L=Love to see you soon. O=Obviously”. It’s quite cute.

3.    Ask about her. Avoid writing much about yourself. Girls actually like when you're interested in them.

toasting a girl 24.    Be polite. It’s obvious, however, many males try to be brutal and rude, because they think women like such behavior. That’s wrong.

5.    Avoid friendzone. Never mind, which method of wooing you select, always avoid being just a friend. Let the girl know you like her and she's attractive as a woman.

Toasting SMS examples

We offer you several nice messages, which every woman should like:

  • your beauty makes me mad,
  • without you my life is blue,
  • you deserve the whole world, but I cannot give it to you. So I'll give the next best thing… my own world,
  • if you take 10 flowers and look at the mirror, you’ll be looking at 11 most beautiful things in the world,
  • I don’t need a coffee to start my day. I only need to see your smile,
  • no other girl can replace you,
  • you bring out the best in me.

If you’re talented enough, write small poem and send to her. It'll be very effective, just because the majority of women adore romantic things.

Ways of toasting NigerianThere exist a great number of methods to win a heart of a girl. Their choice depends on the situation and on the female herself. Texting's one of the most effective ways. It is romantic and unobtrusive at the same time. It won’t bother her, if she’s busy or in a bad mood. Besides, SMS can make her smile when she's tired or upset. What's more important, messages mean that you think of her, which is very flattering. They also make her think of you too. As soon as she starts, the romantic feelings might be born, and this is our main purpose. Thus, keeping to the definite rules of SMS toasting, you’ll get her heart.

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It agrees that she must have the courage to tell a lot about your feelings. Before you start a serious relationship should be well know the man personally. Virtual friendships on the Internet is a good and interesting thing. But in most cases the Internet profiles created with deception. Not true picture of man. Also, people can write what you hear that You want to please you, not what she thinks really. Very good advice in the article that really help in selecting a good partner, good genuine person.

Answered 1 year ago.

I in point of fact relish this article. I remember when i was dating a very

well-mannered man he was speaking about himself all the time. It is basically annoying. At first i tried to seem interested inhibit then he seemed to disregard me, my problems and my interests. All that mattered to him was his own hobbies and problems. That started to irritate me so in sum we broke up. So that is a indeed substantial point for a boy or man to ask questions about girl you are dating and be polite and esteem to her.

Answered 1 year ago.

This handy article proves itself as helpful manual for guys, but my personal suggestion in addition to it is working hard on avoiding stereotypes. Nigerian girls have different personalities, open or closed, SMS is a perfect way of everyday communication for introverted shy and restrained misses, but not for extraverted ones..I suggest you strongly: learn enough about the nature of your chosen girl by means of simple small questions like your favourite activity/hobby when you have spare time, etc. Everyone of them is unique, and she desires to receive specific attention from you, so good luck, dear guys!

Answered 1 year ago.

These priceless recommendations educated me approaching woman on hundred percents better compared to my previous knowledge. My mind quickly peeped and discovered several mistakes that i've done. I gladly accept those advices and sure I'll start insistently working on it.The easiest part of relationship is when the thing called bond is actually already created and the level of attraction is tight but in the fresh beginning of the process on winning and getting a girl we like, only the right methods will definitely lead to complete satisfying success with a woman we are admire.

Answered 1 year ago.

All these advice are quite nice, hope you'll bring out similar advice for ladies soon, hehe, joking.

As a woman, I'd like to recommend gentlemen not to presume upon text messaging. What I meant to say, we like brave men who tell straightly about their feelings. So do not hesitate to to proceed from texting to direct actions.

One more thing, guys, we really like your romantic messages, but please, try not to send too many messages during our working hours. Even the most romantic text becomes annoying if it distracts the girl from her work regularly.

Answered 1 year ago.
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