Who is the girl with the biggest hips in Nigeria?

Who is the girl with the biggest hips in Nigeria? Enjoy seeing some of these amazing photos.

biggest hips in Nigeria?

Nigerian men love women with curves and large hips. So, this kind of girls gets really popular in the country. There are many celebrities who can boast some of the biggest hips and just regular girls, whose curves are impressive.

World’s and Nigerian ladies with the biggest hips

These ladies have something to boast about. The girls on this photo are just 15 years of age, and her hips are big and curvy. Surely she has an excellent perspective of getting a good husband and plenty of suitors, anyways.

girl with biggest hips

The next two ladies are the world’s champs among the biggest hips. They have set the record, and truly it is hard to beat!

big hips

Just look at this beauty and do not let the envy to devour you!

huge hips

This lady is a naija champ and her bums and hips are impressive!

big bums

Now how about Nigerian celebrities? Can they be entered into our biggest hips ladies’ list? This one is a worthy candidate and no mistake.

Who is the girl with the biggest hips in Nigeria?

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Why Nigerian men love girls with large hips?

Well, there are several valid reasons for that. Let’s list some of them.

  1. They just love it that way
    Big hips get you a big hold during sex. These curves are enticing and inviting!
  2.  Big hips stand for fertility
    This means a woman has no problem delivering a child. She has a space womb to carry it and give birth to healthy kids. For many Nigerian men having healthy children is critical.
  3. You get something to bump inWomen with large hips and bums are soft.
    They seem to be more enduring in sex and the hard one, too.

As you see, these reasons are smart, and it makes sense for men to pick the ladies with biggest hips. So, if your hips need adding some curves, get busy and do some exercises to grow them.

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