Who is the new wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

Is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome shopping for a new wife? Find out now.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

As you may know, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome from Christ Embassy Church got divorced with his first wife, Anita. Now we hear of him getting a new wife, who is she?

Who is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome planning to marry?

This pastor got divorced back in 2014. He and his wife had issues they could not resolve in their marriage. So, they separated, and she left to be a pastor in the UK. This church is one of the largest in Nigeria, so people made attempts to reconcile the couple, but did not succeed.

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Chris Oyakhilome

When no hope was left for the reconciliation of the couple, people in the church became aware of Pastor Chris intentions to take a new wife. Some ladies even started to do all they can to present themselves worthy of the honor.

Many women from the branch churches have even moved to the main one to see the pastor and make him see them. For now, we do not know if those attempts availed to any success. It seems that the pastor remains single for the time being. So, he has only the ex-wife and no new wife for now.


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Answered 9 months ago.

...useless, confused, clueless and incomprehensible info, new @ ANY COST...

Answered 9 months ago.
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