Why are Calabar women the best in Nigeria?

Have you ever considered dating a Calabar woman? Why are they the best women in Nigeria? This article will surely answer all your questions!

Calabar women

Marriage is a beautiful thing but it implies the hard work of two people. It’s very important to choose the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with very carefully – and Calabar women are the best for it!

There are a lot of ethnic groups and tribes in Nigeria. And every woman who belongs to a certain group has her own unique features and personality.

But if we speak about marriage, women from Calabar would be perfect wives.

That’s why every single Nigerian man should consider dating or even marrying girls that come from the region of Calabar if they want to build a happy family!

So there are a lot of reasons why you should think of Calabar woman as your perfect girlfriend. First of all, they can cook really well. Cooking is basically their passion and no one can deny their professionalism.

Calabar ladies will try to impress you with a new dish every time. They will be happy to learn more about your tastes so that you can have your favourite dishes as often as possible!

We all know that all men love food. When they come back from work late in the evening the last thing they want to do is go out to the restaurant!

Calabar wife will be happy to make a delicious dinner for her tired husband. You will surely appreciate all the efforts she is making to make sure you are feeling well and happy!

Calabar women

What is more, most of the girls who come from Calabar are really neat. It’s quite obvious that nobody likes when it’s messy and unclean in their house. If you marry a Calabar girl she will always clean the house.

If this point is very important for you, you should definitely consider her as your woman.

They also really like doing housework and they will be a great help if you need something else. Most of them can’t live in the dirty environment so they will never forget about cleaning up.

There is no chance you will come back home and see dirt! There is another great benefit of this quality of theirs. The guests can come over any time as the house will always be ready!

It’s doubtable that all Nigerian women are so into cleaning. So if you don’t want to feel ashamed for your house being unclean think of marrying a Calabar woman.

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It doesn’t mean that you won’t need to help her – you still need to be a decent person and a good husband.

Doing all the chores together is always the best option and any woman will appreciate your desire to help.

Calabar girls will be really thankful if you help them but they will surely understand if you are too tired from work and will do anything to make sure you can relax.

What is more, the women from Calabar are really respectful of their husbands. Nobody wants to date a girl who likes to show off and to prove that she is better than the others.

Calabar women

Unfortunately, it happens quite often in Nigeria. It’s great when woman is confident but when she is trying to dominate it sometimes becomes hard for men to handle the relationships.

So one of the reasons to marry Calabar woman is her being really supportive. No matter what problems you are having at work or with your family she will always be a great help.

And even if you are not in the mood for talking and explaining the reasons for your bad mood she will not try to make you say it. She knows exactly how you feel and she’s trying to be as obedient as possible.

She will really respect you and will always remember that you are her husband whose authority shouldn’t be questioned.

But make sure to be a good husband too – being respectful to your wife is the most important quality of a kind man. Another great feature of Calabar girls is that they look gorgeous.

Most of them are truly beautiful. And even though the appearance isn’t the most important thing it’s still hard to disagree that it’s responsible for the first impression. She doesn’t even need makeup!

Calabar women

Most men and women find sex a very important part of the relationships. Of course the professionalism in bed doesn’t characterize you as a person, but many people think that being great in bed is a great skill.

And in case you can’t imagine your perfect woman without this skill, it’s time to think about Calabar girls. Apart from looking very sexy, people say that they are really great in bed.

It seems like they know a lot of secrets that women from other tribes are simply not familiar with. They know everything about satisfying their husbands.

If you ever dated a girl who didn’t find sex important and simply didn’t do anything in bed you probably know how bad it feels. Girl from Calabar will never leave you disappointed.

Therefore, if sex is important for you in the relationship, don’t hesitate to ask her out and you will never regret it! However there are some other things about them you also need to know.

Some people gossip that they can be dangerous and sometimes even dishonest. There are a lot of people who believe that they are some kinds of witches or even have some magic powers.

It’s hard to say if it’s true but there is a belief that they can put a spell on you which will make you fall in love. It won’t be your genuine feeling but you will never understand it.

Therefore, it’s your choice whether to go for this risky relationship or not!

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