How to borrow credit from Glo in Nigeria

Need more credit on Glo? Find out how you can borrow it in the matter of just few minutes. Easy and doable steps.

Glo or Globacom is a popular and fast growing telecommunication company. It is well-known among the Nigerians because of the wide range of services. They offer the following opportunities to the users:

borrow credit from Glo in Nigeria

  • speedy Internet connection,
  • calls, SMS, voicemail,
  • roaming,
  • special packages (either for business or for personal usage).

credit from Glo in NigeriaThis provider allows being always available and taking all the advantages of any networks or portals (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more). The great benefit of the company lies in the possibility to support the majority of portable devices, including Blackberry phones, Samsung, Nokia, and many others.

Credit issueHow to borrow credit from Glo in Nigeria

 There are such situations when you immediately need extra money of airtime to make a call or to send SMS. In such cases, people do not usually have an opportunity to go and buy a recharge card or drop in one of the company shops to pay for their account. Imagine you need credit here and now. Unlike many other providers, the presented one will allow you to get it.

If you ask a question “How do I borrow credit from Glo”, the answer is quite simple. Globacom proposes a specific service called Borrow Me Credit. It offers lots advantages to the subscribers:

  • you can get extra airtime fast and easily,
  • you can use it anywhere at any time (function works round the clock),
  • small charges (5% of the loaned),
  • this function allows you to use the Internet, make local and international calls (including other networks), send SMS and so on.

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However, you should also meet several conditions, which contain the following:

  • to be a subscriber for at least 2 months,
  • to have a good usage history (regular payments and so on),
  • to be a prepaid user.

How to get

 Glo in NigeriaThus, if you meet the conditions listed above, you can get a loan. To do this you need to know, first, the predefined code – *321#. Dial it and you will be provided with the possible amounts. You will be also sent a prompt to create a PIN. It should contain four numbers. There are several special denominations:

  • 50N,
  • 100N,
  • 200N,
  • 500N,
  • 1000N.

The final code will look like *321*PIN*50# for N50 denomination.

Of course, you’ll have to pay a charge for the use of credit according to the rules of the program. It is comparatively small and totals 5% of the borrowed airtime. The whole amount will be taken from your account after you recharge.

How to borrow credit from Glo

In the situations when you are in a dire need of extra time to surf the Internet of to make a call, Glo borrow credit program will be very useful for you. You’ll be free to communicate to your friends and after this only have to recharge the sum. This provider gives the users a chance to be always available and be able to call in any situation even if they cannot buy a recharge card. Besides, the process of borrowing does not take much time and only demand a code to know. Thus, enjoy the convenient intercourse with Globacom and take advantages of all its functions.

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Loans from Glo is very comfortable. No need to go anywhere to search and where to get additional funds. Very easily and quickly get money. Very convenient service that works around the clock. Because there are situations in life that urgently need to make a call, and funds in the account is not enough. Also convenient to elderly people or those who until late hours at work. This feature allows you to use the Internet, international calls, send SMS messages and many other services.

Answered 1 year ago.

It's great that in Nigeria, as well as the rest of the modern world have developed companies that can provide people with state-of-the-art by means of interactive communication. About a few decades ago, not everyone is able to use his own phone, and such a person does not have always had the need for this. Today we almost cannot imagine our life without a mobile phone and the internet. Modern innovations and conveniences feel our spirit. Nice to know that Nigeria has the opportunity to use the advantages of modern technology.

Answered 1 year ago.
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