How to change Spectranet Wi-Fi password

What actions should I do to create new Wi-Fi password? Read the article and you’ll learn all necessary actions.

Many people are interested how to change Wi-Fi password on Spectranet. Changing of the Wi-Fi password on Android is a quite simple procedure. Moreover, by means of smartphone or tablet you can enter settings of router and change a security key to the point of access. Besides, you can change other parameters of network. Below are tips how to change Wi-Fi password in Spectranet on computer, tablet and phone.

How to change Spectranet Wi-Fi password

How to change my Spectranet Wi-Fi password

It should be noted that Android operating system works by the same principles as Windows. Therefore, everything what you do on computer, you can do also on the tablet.

So, how to change your Spectranet Wi-Fi password, using Android tablet?

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how to change Wi-Fi password on Spectranet

For a start, you need to be connected to your point of access, which needs to be adjusted. Further, open any browser. Register an IP route in address line. It is specified on the device and in the instruction to it. After input of address, you will get on the page of authorization.

After authorization, make the following operations:

  • Select the Installation tab,
  • Here you need the section "Installation of Wireless Network",

how to change Wi-Fi password in Spectranet

  • Choose manual control,
  • In the section 'Safety Mode' choose type of WPA\WPA2 (expanded),
  • Below in section 'WPA\WPA2', establish code type 'Both',
  • Enter a code in the line 'Network Key'.

How to change my Spectranet Wi-Fi password

The last step is a saving of settings. Press the corresponding button. After that, the router will remember a configuration and will reboot itself. Do not do any actions until it reboots.

You should be connected anew to access point with new parameters. For this purpose, it is necessary to enter a key anew. But as phone was already connected to this network, it has remembered its old configuration. Therefore, you need to enter it one more time.

how to change your Spectranet Wi-Fi password

How to change Spectranet mobile Wi-Fi password?

To change Wi-Fi password on Android phone, make the following operations:

  • Enter Wi-Fi settings and turn on the adapter,
  • After device will find the required connection, press it a finger and hold until the additional menu appears,

How to change Spectranet mobile Wi-Fi password

  • Select 'Change a Configuration' or 'Connection' item,
  • In the appeared window just enter the new password, which was specified in router parameters earlier,
  • Press 'Save'.


Now I don't change my WiFi password frequently because I use VPN which actually makes a information secure. It creates a tunnel which is totally secure from hackers it also provide data encryption. I suggest people to use Ivacy which is for the purpose of online security.

Answered 10 months ago.

Now is the time, in addition to the Internet still use Wi fi, but everyone knows about his preferences. I do not quite understand them, and this article is just for me was very helpful. About how to change the password, I even those not interested in, because it was not a necessity, but in the future will know where and how to change your password. At what to do this is not difficult as it seemed at first. Thank you for the article, to me these rules and tips that I hope will be useful when. Because right now I'm using Wi fi, and when a password change is required.

Answered 10 months ago.
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