19 most influential DJs in Nigeria

Who are the most famous and influential DJs in the country? It’s time to find out everything about them! Read this article and learn more about music industry in Nigeria!

famous Nigerian DJs

There are so many great native music styles and indigenous performers in Nigeria. Here is the list of the most famous Nigerian DJs who has influenced the modern culture of the country a lot.

DJ Spinall

DJ Spinall is a very famous Nigerian DJs who has a lot of fans. Everyone appreciates everything that he does for music industry and the critics seem to be paying attention to this guy too.

DJ Obi

DJ Obi is known not only in Nigeria but also everywhere around the world. The son of Levi Ajuonuma started from nothing and right now he is a really influential celebrity.

Some time ago his achievements became truly incredible – he beat the world record by doing his job for more than two hundred hours! This is the reason why nowadays he is considered as one of the best DJs ever.

DJ Jimmy Jatt

This DJ is familiar to majority of Nigerian audience. A lot of people really admire him and his creativity. Jimmy is basically a legend of DJing in Nigeria.

DJ Xclusive

famous Nigerian DJs

One of the most talented Nigerian DJs nowadays is named DJ Xclusive. The lifestyle of this Nigerian celebrity is more like a lifestyle of a pop star! However, some people think he has a great potential.

DJ Real

Not a lot of people know that the real name of DJ Real is Yahya Rilwan Abiodun. Right now he really is one of the most influential DJs in Nigeria. He has his own style and that’s why he is so appreciated by his fans.

Some time ago the DJ also released his album which was really liked by most of the Nigerian critics and his fans.

DJ Consequence

This DJ works at the best night clubs of the country and that’s what makes him exceptional! Being so successful in such a job in Nigeria certainly isn’t the easiest thing.

However, thanks to his professionalism all the doors are always open to him. “The Playlist”, his own project, is listened by a lot of Nigerians even nowadays. Most of the other DJs in Nigeria are happy to work with him.

DJ Cuppy

famous Nigerian DJs

DJ Cuppy is a woman whose talent is appreciated by a huge number of fans and specialists. Even though she was born into a rich family, her success isn’t necessarily connected to this fact.

Cuppy is a beautiful woman whose mixtapes are listened by everyone! You can see her at every important event. She’s not staying at one place – she goes all over Africa.


DJ Jimmy is becoming more and more popular really fast. He had a lot of jobs such as a presenter for Beat FM and the host of other shows.

After he decided to become a DJ a lot of things have changed but it’s noticeable that he has a talent for this industry.

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Wale Ozolua

Beat FM is the radio where the voice of this famous DJ can be regularly heard. However, there are also a lot of other projects Wale Ozolua is working for. You can listen to him any day you want in the morning.

This DJ will make sure your day starts right!


Sometimes people refer to this DJ as Chocoberry Da O’square but his actual name is Olalekan Olajolumo. O’square has been working in this industry for many years so he is one of the most experienced DJs in Nigeria.

Amanda Douglas (Cool FM PH)

In case you listen to Cool FM a lot, you might need to know that the main DJ there is Amanda Douglas. Her career path wasn’t that easy but now she is finally satisfied with her position.

Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru

The majority of people who work in this industry are familiar with Tolu Oniru. She is a woman who has a lot of listeners just because of her unique style and talent.

Many people listen to her because she is a really positive and open person and her mixtapes are amazing too. Right now she is married to Tunde Demuren.

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

famous Nigerian DJs

According to the statistics, this female DJ is one of the most loved DJs in Nigeria.

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi has changed the notion DJ forever as a lot of people who are only about to start this career are already looking up to her. She is a really talented person.

Sensei Uche

Sensei Uche is one of the most hard-working DJs in the country. He occupies so many positions and he is trying to participate in every project. He is always invited to be a host of the most important events in Nigeria.

Lolo Wazobia FM

Lolo deserves a lot of respect at least because this talented DJ is a mother! She studied law at the university but later she realized that it wasn’t something she wanted to do in her life. Right now she works at Wazobia FM.

Oscar Oyinkan (City FM)

Like most of the DJs, Oscar had nothing to do with music at the beginning of his career. However, when his hobby became something more serious, everything changed. Right now Oyinkan is very famous.

Soni Irabor (Inspiration FM)

famous Nigerian DJs

One of the most experienced DJs in the country is also Soni Irabor who right now works for Inspiration FM. You can hear her work every Sunday.

Her job is to interview famous people who influence the music industry in the country.

Tosyn Bucknor

Another great example of a very talented host is obviously Tosyn Bucknor. She has just married so people wouldn’t stop talking about the new happy couple! Tosyn has been working as a DJ for a while and it’s noticeable.

Toke Makinwa

There are a lot of rumours about this Nigerian DJ. Toke Makinwa has had problems with her ex-husband which were known to Nigerian audience. What is more, she isn’t that type of person who is shy to talk about something.

She is very straight forward.

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