Have you already checked out a new FTK's ‘Gbesoke Remix’ ft. 9ice? Watch it now!

Have you already checked out a new FTK's ‘Gbesoke Remix’ ft. 9ice? Watch the new single now and learn interesting facts about FTK!


Talented Nigerian duo of twin brothers, FTK have already released the official version of the remix to their hit song ‘Gbesoke’.

‘Gbesoke Remix,' is a fast tempo celebration of their act which is directed at both the youth and the old listeners. The track features popular Nigerian artist 9ice.

Who is FTK?

The group was founded and operated by Falobi Taiwo and Kehinde. Duo is already making waves with their style of music and performance in Nigeria. FTK’s performance can best be described as a result of hard work.They started out in 2014. Their passion for music allowed them to record their first single the same year.


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The names of brothers are Falobi Taiwo and Kehinde. They are both undergraduates of Babcock University Nigeria.  They are currently studying Mass Communication, Advertising, and Journalism. They have already released four audio singles and two videos. 

On their plans for Ghana, FTK told that they want to make Ghana their second home or base. They look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Ghanaians.


Their strength lay in their ability to play instruments, understanding of music, energetic and choreographed dance steps backed up with professional dancers as well as proven ability to perform with live bands. Also, they have gone through music school.

In addition to the release of “Gbesoke remix” in Ghana, FTK has previously released five singles with two videos in Nigeria. These include ‘Assasin’, ‘I Don Crase’, ‘Shout Out’, ‘Shake Bum Bum’ and ‘Gbesoke’. They are also yet to release two other singles, ‘Ise Oluwa’ and ‘The Crown’.

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