What is Don Jazzy's net worth?

The prominent Nigerian musician Don Jazzy has an extravagant lifestyle. His expensive cars, houses, jewelry always arouse numerous questions about the musician real wealth. What is Don Jazzy's net worth? Read this article to get more information on this issue.

Don Jazzy

The statistics of celebrities` net worth says that the famous Nigerian producer and singer Don Jazzy`s net worth is over $35 million. It is about N7 billion in Nigerian money. Though it is quite a huge sum even for Nigeria, paparazzi are sure that the famous musician does not tell the truth. People are confident that their beloved idol has much more money than he declares.

Don Jazzy's net worth

When the music world acclaimed this famous musician, the Forbes Magazine put Don Jazzy in its list of Forty Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa. Moreover, due to telecommunication giant, MTN, Loya Milk, Samsung, and many other brands, Don Jazzy has already become one of the most respected brand ambassadors in the Nigerian showbiz.

Don Jazzy's net worth

Don Jazzy is the owner of such fantastic cars as:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera (485,000 dollars)
  • Bentley Continental Flying Spur (190,000 dollars)
  • Cadillac Escalade (80,000 dollars)
  • Range Rover Sports (60,000 dollars)

Don Jazzy`s cars

In addition, Don Jazzy is also the owner of many expensive mansions and apartments throughout Nigeria. He also owns some valuable horses and has a collection of exclusive pictures.  

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Don Jazzy has plenty of business interests. These are Mavin Energy Limited (Oil and Gas Company), Mavin Records, and many others. Though Don Jazzy faces many critics, who are sure that the source of his treasure is quite doubtful based on his showy lifestyles, which has not prevented the musician from rising like an eagle in the sky.

Don Jazzy and Mavin Record

After the death of MoHits, Don Jazzy immediately created Mavin Records. Nowadays, this company has already become the leading and most respected record label in Nigeria. It keeps on producing superstars while earning millions of naira every year. Officially, Mavin Records’ current worth net is over twelve million dollars.

Don Jazzy undoubtedly receives the definite percentage of every artist who signs a contract with Mavin Records. Moreover, the prominent Nigerian musician receives shares from each song released under his record label. It means that Don Jazzy`s net worth has continually been enlarging.

Don Jazzy and Mavin Record

Endorsement deals of Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy has a presently running sponsorship deal with high-flying Samsung Electronics. The musician sighed in 2013 in South Africa. Notwithstanding the fact that Don Jazzy carefully conceals the real figures, insiders state that this agreement can be estimated at over 100 million of naira.

In 2012, Don Jazzy signed a perfect contract with Loya Milk for the promotion and advertisement of this favorite brand. Paparazzi say that that deal`s worth is over fifty millions of naira. This agreement has been still running since that time.

Endorsement deals of Don Jazzy

Since 2013, Don Jazzy has become a very popular singer in Africa. Seeing this, MTN, the Nigerian telecom giant, speedily made the musician one of their products ambassador. Insiders state that it over nine figures contract. In June 2016, MTN prolonged the agreement for a couple of years.

Don Jazzy in his car


To crown it all, we can assume that Don Jazzy`s net worth is more than 35 million dollars. It makes this amazing Nigerian musician one of the wealthiest artists in Africa. According to the singer, the main rule of his success is very simple. If you want to have everything, daily hard work is all that will help you. 

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