What Nigerian songs you had no idea send the wrong message?

Nigerian music videos that may shock you. What is the sense of them? Who directed them? Why you should not show them to your kids? Find music video and all information here right now!

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Previously Nigerian music videos had a clear message and really interesting concepts. Earlier music Nigerian music was about creativity with the important message in the music, however now it seems that those days are already gone.

Performers made videos, which showed their looks, stylish dance and, of course, told a story of their songs. But nowadays, the main idea of Nigerian music industry (and entertainment) is to display some kind of gangsterism, violence and sex.

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Huge boobs, butts or other naked parts of the body are often shown in music videos with no shame at all. Most our music videos have already become bad thing for our younger generation, who always tend to follow and copy things they see on TV or web.

Some studies have recently shown a real connection between the music videos and also the violent behavior of the adolescents. Nigerian musicians affect our children. The study also shows a strong relationship between the imagery, which is displayed in videos and a very inappropriate sexual behavior.

National Nigerian song really beautiful, but these ones… These Nigerian songs and especially their videos are sometimes insulting and too provocative. Watch 5 Nigerian music videos that will certainly shock you.

Maheeda – Naija Bad Girl (released in 2014)

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Is it Caroline Sam? Yes, you are right. This video has already created too much noise. People are shocked with this nudity and dirty lyric. It is a really good mix, isn’t it? ‘Naija Bad Girl’ video was created by Frizzle and Bizzle Films.

Reminisce – Skilashi (released in 2015)

Reminisce pushes the limits, releasing shocking video ‘Skilashi’. It showed the most vulgar lyrics ever and obscene images in this weird video. There are different scenes with provocative dancing and occasionally revealing bums. This video was also directed by already known Frizzle and Bizzle Films.

Jesse Jagz – Redemption (released in 2013)

Why do some things that are ‘illegal’ in our country become legal just because they are in music videos? Jesse Jagz was ‘wrapping and puffing’ his banned marijuana, a.k.a igbo, and it was okay. What are trying to tell our youth? Is it fine? Thanks to this video, they may think it is now cool to smoke some weed in the evening having fun. This video was created by Mex.

Olamide – Falila Ketan (released in 2015)

What important message may be sent in a music video where bums are the main thing? They are shaken in the most vulgar manner. This is what comes to mind when you watch work of Olamide called ‘Falila Ketan’. All you see in this video are vulgarly dressed ladies twerking their bums. It’s not the video you will watch in the presence of your kids. Why do they do such videos? It was created by Unlimited L.A.

Skuki – Silifa (released in 2014)

The song’s lyrics have no sense and so the video has no storyline at all. The shocking aspect of this video is the weird manner of shaking buttocks. So it’s no wonder it was tagged as ‘Not suitable for work’.

Do not forget to control what videos are watched by your kids! As the influence of such videos may be really destructive. 

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