Which famous Nigerian musicians have died recently?

Which Nigerian musicians have died recently? What are the reasons for so early death? Do you know who Nomoreloss is? Have you ever heard brilliant songs by gospel singer Kefee? Continue reading the article to get to know more about these and other famous Nigerian musicians who have recently passed away.

Nigerian gospel singer Kefee

In Nigeria several famous young musician have died recently. Nigerians have always been fond of their native musicians. People adore them and support in everything. Thus, let us have a closer look on famous Nigerian singers who died recently. Nigerians have still been grieving about these bereavements.


On 21th of March 2016 one of the most famous Nigerian rappers Olumuyiwa Osinuga commonly recognized as Nomoreloss died in Lagos. The exceptional entertainer was diagnosed of typhoid. In two weeks after it he passed away in his own house.

The singer was born in Lagos. Here he studied and made first steps in music. One of the Nigeria’s supreme jazz saxophonists Kunle Ajayi was his primary musical guru. Before he totally dedicated his life to rap, Nomoreloss had worked as a concert manager, event planner, band leader and a comedian. Olumuyiwa Osinuga released his first sole titled KILODE from his primary album in 1999.

All his colleagues unanimously recognized the singer to be the one of most talented performers of his generation. Many Osinuga`s devoted fans will always remember such his songs as “Ololufe”, “Omo Africa”, “Oro Re”, “So sorry”, “Iyawo Asiko”, and many others.  

Nigerian rapper Nomoreloss


Kefee Obareki is another musician who died young. The prominent Nigerian composer and top gospel singer was diagnosed of lung failure leading to her death on 12th of June 2014 after fifteen days in a coma. She passed away in one of Los Angeles hospitals at the age of twenty-four.  

Kefee was born on February 5, 1980 in Sapele. Her father Andrew Obareke was a deacon. Thus, from an early age she started to sing in the church choir and liked it immediately.

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At the age of sixteen Kefee started composing her own songs. In 2000, her first album “Trip” was released. After it she started to be recognized as a gospel artist succeeding in this filed very much. In 2009, Kefee received the International Young Ambassador Award for Peace.  

Kefee Obareki was buried on 11th of July in her hometown Okpara Inland. Thousands of people came to say good-buy to their beloved singer.

Kefee - gamous Nigerian gospel singer

Cynthia Akudo Jonah

Amongst the other well-known Nigerian singers who died young we should talk about Cynthia Akudo Jonah. She passed away just in a week after Kefee’s death. And Nigeria music community was shocked again on June 18th 2014, when a young singer abruptly died after a brief illness.

Cynthia has just recently released her marvelous single “Ukwu Ajebutter”. This song should have been the beginning of her debut album.

Cynthia - prominent Nigerian young singer

Goldie Harvey

Among the other famous Nigerian musicians who died recently we should undoubtedly bear in mind Susan Filani. The prominent Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and television personality passed away on 14the of February 2013.

Susan Filani was born in Lagos. She began her musical career in 2009 using the name of Goldie Harvey. Her professional calling lasted just four years. During that time Goldie recorded two studio music albums. Thus, in 2010 she released “Gold” and in 2011 – “Gold Reloaded”.

Goldie often complained of severe headaches on her way to Los Angeles for the 55th Grammy ceremony. Having returned to Lagos, 29-year-old Harvey was immediately taken to a local hospital, where she died on February 14, 2013. The exact reasons for her death are still unknown.

Nigerian singer Goldie Harvey


Many celebrated Nigerian singers have died recently. But their dedicated fans will always save in hearts their songs and smiles. May tender souls of these amazing musicians rest in peace.

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