Which Nigerian gospel musicians have joined illuminati?

Who are the illuminati? What are their key aims? Why do the prominent Nigerian gospel musicians join them? Continue reading the article to get to know the detailed information.

The illuminati in Nigeria

African gospel musicians have always been considered real stars on the continent. People adore both them and their songs. These people are often thought to be the leaders of public opinion. Thus, let us check out which of the most famous gospel musicians may support illuminati.

Illuminati: who are they?

Illuminati are a special name of more than a few top secret groups. In times gone by this name referred to the Bavarian Illuminati. It was a secret society that was officially created in May, 1776. The illuminati`s core aim was to be in opposition to obscurantism, abuses of state power, superstition, religious authority over public life.

The illuminati history

Nowadays many citizens of Nigeria just laugh at these representatives of this ancient society. The 99% of people do not absolutely know what the illuminati do in everyday life.

However, nearly everybody in the country knows which gospel musicians belong to the illuminati.

Nigerian gospel musicians in illuminati

All Nigerian singers are exceptionally talented. Africa has presented the planet with marvelous Gospel music, as it has bottomless local roots. Gospel musician are considered very famous both in their own country and abroad.

The illuminati philosophy has recently become so popular all over the world that it also touched Nigerian gospel musicians. Some of them are supposed to join this undisclosed society.

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Presently, it is nearly impossible to comprehend how to become an illuminati member in Nigeria. It is because nobody still knows how recruits find new members among the Nigerian gospel singers.

The Illuminati has always been are behind the scenes of numerous events occurring in a variety of places of the world. They are considered to influence all life aspects to suit their mysterious desires. The illuminati are said to control art, politics, economy etc. But this society`s impact can be seen in any area of life.

The illuminati secret society symbols

Here is the list of possible Nigerian gospel singers who may be the illuminati members according to local newspapers.  

Sarah Kiari

Sarah Kiari

Elijah Miller

Elijah Miller

Beatrice Wangui

Beatrice Wangui

Jonathan Wutawunashe

Jonathan Wutawunashe



There are broad gossips of probable Nigerian Illuminati members. However, it seems like there has not been still any official evidence of the illuminati partakers in this country.


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