Who is The Richest Musician in Nigeria?

Who do you like the most? Is it Timaya or Dbanj or maybe Olamide? Find out who is the richest of them.

Who is The Richest Musician in Nigeria? – Man vs. Woman

Who is The Richest Musician in Nigeria?

The richest musician in Nigeria is the most popular one, too. These people are dearly loved, supported and followed by thousands of fans. Let us go over the most popular celebrities of the music world in Nigeria, both male and female Nigerian musicians and compare their creative, social and financial achievements. So here we go: let's take a closer look at P Square and Omawumi.

The Richest Musician in Nigeria?

The main goal of this article is to have a look at the level of professionalism, net worth, success on their attempts to climb career ladders as well as public recognition received in the firm of International and National prizes and awards, assets (such as private property, vehicles, etc.) and popularity. These richest musicians in Nigeria have won the hearts of many fans. Of course, there are many gossips on the subject of their net worth, but we will do our best to find the most reliable information.

The world of the Internet is full of lies shared about these top and most loved Nigerian musicians. And it is not surprising: their contemporaries who are not a talented as these two are willing to achieve as much as P Square and Omawumi have achieved in the recent times. However, not being able to win the hearts of the public with their gifts and talents, they try to blackmouth their "opponents".

Top most wealthy male musician in Nigeria – P Square duo

  1. Celebrities' background
    The two Okoye brothers have started their musical career back in 1999 in an average Joss school. Their first album was released in 2007. Till this day it is one of the most selling albums of the group. All in all, they have sold over 8 million copies of it around the globe.
    P Square

    “Get Squared” has surpassed this achievement and during just one year the duo sold over 14 million copies of it. Their tours and performances have become a source of significant income for the brothers.
    P Square

    At first,they charged around 2 million Naira per show. However, as their popularity grew, they were able to raise those fees. Now they get up to 15 million Naira per show (up to 75 000 dollars). That surely makes them the richest among Nigerian musicians.
  2. Awards and contracts
    Awards are not just prestigious. Some of them bring singers and musicians good money. P Square has a string of musical and other awards they got and some of them made them even richer. The award history started for them in 2006 and it goes on till now.

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P Square duo- 2006
This year has brought them a range of awards. This was the year when they got their famous Get Squared album out. It has become the album of the year. Plus got the awards for the best video and the best R&B music. These awards came from Hip Hop World Awards 2006.
This same year they also got an award from NMA (Nigerian music awards).

They were celebrated as the best music band or duo.

This year has brought several awards from MAMA (MTV Africa) and from Channel o Music.

-Awards P Square duo 2009
MAMA comes again to proclaim them the best duo of the year.

This year is special. That is when P Square received KORA award, which made them one of the richest musician in Nigeria. This award has brought them 1 million dollars or N150 million of assets.

MTV Africa Music Awards (Honorary Artiste of the Decade)

In 2010 the team has become one of the brand ambassadors for Globalcom. This year the contract could be terminated.

2011 and 2012 have brought them two more contracts with Konvict Muzik and Universal Music South African accordingly.
Awards and contracts P Square

  1. Assets
    Assets such as cars or mansions significantly impact the wealth of a musician. Presently the brothers own several estates in Nigeria and abroad. First they got their 2 million dollar home in Lagos. The land, construction and design have turned this project into a pretty costly one.

    Of late the brothers acquired two homes in Atlanta, USA. They say each of them amounted to around 450 million naira. So, that considerably adds up to the fortune of this richest musician family in Nigeria.
  2. contracts P Square duo Popularity
    It is no wonder Okoye brothers are so popular. They are identical twins, which adds a spice to their duo. Their music speaks to the hearts of Nigerians and falls in with the likings of people from all over the world. Plus, they have had a long time to practice as they have started the musician career back in school.

Top richest female musician in Nigeria – Omawumi

  1. Brief history
    This singer is often times called a Wonder Woman. She has been able to become a famous and well liked singer and actress. In four years (2010-2014) she has been in fie movies. She writes and performs songs.

    She performs in Afro-Beat genre. However, initially music was not supposed to be her primary career. She has gotten her lawyer diploma from the Ambrose Alli University in 2005. Her musician career has begun in 2007 after the West African Idol show.
    richest female musician in Nigeria

    The first album was released in 2009 (Wonder Woman) preceded by the single called In the Music. Year ago in 2014 the second one followed (Lasso of Truth). Besides her Musial career Omawumi takes active social stand. She works with various organizations, which attempt to prevent cyber-crimes committed by young Nigerians. And she is one of few Globacon brand ambassadors, which also brings her multimillion income (25 million naira).
  2. Awards

    - Awards2009
    That is when her first award came around. She got the Next Rated Artist award from the Hip Hop World Awards.
    - 2010
    She flew to New York to receive an award from Nigerian Entertainment Awards in the category of the Best rnb and pop Artiste. Plus she got the bonus of becoming female who create the best music video.
    Later on she was celebrated as the Outstanding recording Artist in London by the Vivacity PR.
    - 2014
    Omawumi was nominated as Best Female Artist in ELOY Awards.
  3. Assets
    She has had a quick start and presently her show fees amount to 5 million naira per show. Just few years ago she was able to purchase her ML 350 Mercedes for astounding 12.5 million naira. And she’s got her home priced at 100 million naira.
  4. Popularity
    Popularity OmawumiHer quick run to the stage and performance made her very popular indeed. And her active social position adds up to that. Many lists of the top female Nigerian singers and artists place her at the head being second to none.

As you may see, male and female Nigerian musicians do not compete, but rather complete each other. Their level of fame and income significantly differ. However, both male and female richest musician in Nigeria are doing fairly good.

Now, here is a quick list of all the richest musicians in Nigeria ranging 1 to 10:

  1. P Square
    Net worth – over 120 million dollars
    P Square 1
  2. Don Jazzy
    Net worth – 35 million dollars
    Don Jazzy
  3. Flavour
     Net worth – 30 million dollars
  4. D’Banj
    Net worth – 29 million dollars
  5. Tu Face
    Net worth – 25 million dollars
    Tu Face
  6. Davido
    Net worth - 15 million dollars
  7. Iyanya
    Net worth – 14 million dollars
  8. Wiz kid
    Net worth – 12 million dollars
    Wiz kid
  9. Banky W
    Net worth – 10 million dollars
    Banky W
  10. Timaya
    Net worth – 5 million dollars

As you see, unfortunately, no women made their way up to the top of the most wealthy and popular Nigerian musicians. Their days of fame are yet to come. The reality is that men dominate this market in Nigeria. Nevertheless, women are trying their best to reach the highest positions.

As a matter of fact, they are making it to the top, but we still need to give them some time before they will be able to make as much money for their talents as the men of Nigeria do now.  So let's hope a better future for Nigerian female musicians!


P Square is the most rich musician of nigeria with an income of almost 120 million dollars

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