Who is Wizkid's sister?

Wizkid is a very popular singer in both Africa and throughout the world. However, a few information is known about his family. Fans want to know everything about their idol. Do you know Wizkid sister`s name? In this article, we are going to give some information.

The prominent Nigeria singer Wizkid

The prominent Nigeria singer has already gained much fame and popularity worldwide. As a result, his personal life has become an object of interest for the paparazzi. They are interested in everything connected with Wizkid: his house, cars, children, girlfriends, parents, jets, etc.

Some time ago, Wizkid suddenly revealed a photo with his parents. It immediately exploded the Internet. The fans were tremendously amazed because they were sure that a prominent songster would never display his family.

Wizkid`s parents

Wizkid also has a son, but the musician also tries to hide any information about him. However, it is not a barrier for real paparazzi.

Who is Wizkid`s sister?

Wizkid has two sisters. The singer`s younger sister is Lade Balogun. Wizkid adores her tremendously. He never talks about this young lady. However, paparazzi managed to find Wizkid sister picture. Lade attends one of the most expensive schools located in the South West of Nigeria. She likes singing very much.

Lade Balogun

Wizkid`s sister also goes in for sports and attends numerous art exhibitions. Lade like horses. According to unconfirmed rumors, Wizkid is planning to present his beloved sister a purebred Arabian horse. By the way, Wizkid and his beloved younger sister look almost alike.

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Wizkid and his sister

Yetunde Balogun is Wizkid's elder sister. She is a brilliant and beautiful woman. Presently, Yetunde Balogun is in mourning. The matter is that her husband, who she loved very much, passes away in early October 2016, in one of the hospitals located in Los Angeles. In 2014, he was diagnosed cancer, but unfortunately, he failed to fight this terrible disease.


Now you know that Wizkid has two sisters. The younger`s name is Lade, and the elder is Yetunde. Now, there is no information about other sisters of the famous pop star. Wizkid is an active Tweeter user. He often shares interesting photos there. Therefore, if you know everything about his personal like and career, you would better follow him on this popular social media. In this case, you will always get fresh information from the first person. 

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