What does pre advised mean in shipping? – 5 best shipping tips for Nigeria

Expect to get goods from abroad? Find out what the pre advised means in shipment and in mail companies.

Since technologies and transportation system keep developing, our world has becoming more connected. How can we communicate with people from various countries? Is it possible to order parcels from abroad and send things from Nigeria? Many people are very interested in shipping issues. One of common questions is “What does pre advised mean in shipping?” It is one of terms, which are used in such sphere. We'll observe it and all the stages of shipping.

What does pre advised mean in shipping

So, what actually shipping is? It used to mean to transport anything by water. However, in course of time, the definition has changed a bit. And now we may say shipping in any situation, concerning transportation by land or by air as well.

What does pre advised mean in shipping?

pre advised mean in shipping?Such frequent question must be answered the first. As you already know, it is applied in reference to shipping things by mail. This is a status, which might be found on website of any postal tracking service. According to it, the shipper has already printed out labels on particular item and notified the mail address for the future delivery. Nevertheless, a currier has not received the parcel yet. Thus, the item has not delivered to the post office. It's not on its way to the receiver either.

The key thing of the pre advised status is that it means that the shipping process has been started. Remember that terms and deadlines are not available on this stage. In such situation, it's possible to talk to the sender and to ask about possible terms.

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Shipping instructions for Nigeria

To get familiar with process of shipping, you should know every stage. We offer the following stepwise instructions, which will allow making it easier:

1. 5 best shipping tips for NigeriaPreparation. First thing, you must do, is to prepare the parcel. You'll need an appropriate box (consider its size). Remember that the larger it is, the higher your fees will be. Thus, if you're planning to transport a small item, there is no necessity to put it into the enormous box. Besides, special box might be bought in post office. It's better, because it has been designed for shipping and has thick sidewalls, which will help avoiding the defects. After putting your item into the box, it's necessary to seal it with the tape. Do not forget that only packaging one is appropriate for cardboard boxes. Moreover, it can hold them much better. In case of fragile items, it is advisable to pad the box with something soft, such as, for example, bubble wrap, newspapers or anything like that.

2.Labeling. All the essential information must be notified here. You may either print it on computer or to write it. There is also return address section, where it is required to write your address. Then comes the address of the receiver. Such label should be attached to the box by means of clear tape. The key thing is that it must always be parallel with the longest side of the package.

3 pre advised mean in shipping – 5 shipping tips.Calculations. The shipping service will cost you a particular amount of money. In this case, you must consider the size and weight of parcel. There are usually special calculator in the post offices. With the help of them, you may calculate the final price.

4.Shipping method’s choice. Depending on a certain method, the price will be different. There are five main one, which include:

  • Standard. It is the cheapest way of shipping. It usually takes about a week to deliver a package.
  • Domestic. With the help of such method, you can send items within the country.
  • International. It allows to deliver packages abroad.
  • Priority. Such expensive option allows to deliver your parcel in just two or three days.
  • Priority overnight. It's the most expensive way of shipping. Your item will be delivered during the night.

5.Shipping. This is a final step. Here you must schedule a shipment (it might be picked up from office or home). It is possible to pay fees online. Another way is to bring a parcel to the nearest post office and go through the procedure there.

These are the most important steps, which you must know to deliver a package.

Shipping tips for Nigerians

Along with the steps, it is vital to know about some essential things, which will help to avoid troubles and delays. Consider the following advice:

  1. Shipping tips for NigeriansChoose a sturdy box and pack everything properly. If it opens during the transportation, the post office workers will have to reassemble it. And it will take more time and provoke delays.
  2. Write a ZIP code. It will allow to make the delivery much faster, despite of the method you have selected.
  3. Use only clear packing tape to cover the address. It will help to avoid smearing and wetting.
  4.  Shipping tips – 5 best tips for NigeriaAsk for Post Office mailing label. They are used along with the stamps. Thus, the mailing might be much faster.
  5. Get aware of drop-off deadline. Try to find out, when the mail is picked up from your Post Office and then keep that time in mind, when you need to mail a package.

It is not hard to send a parcel, if you get familiar with main steps of shipping. Besides, with the help of proposed tips, any delivery might be done much faster.

Take all the advantages of postal services. You should know, those, who know the procedure, can also safe their time and money.


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