When is Nigerian airforce recruitment starting?

Do you want to join Nigerian air force? Find out when and how you can do it!

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Nigeria wants to have a reliable protection with the help of its army. Therefore, this year’s Nigerian air force recruitment took place in spring, inviting everyone to go and sign up in order to learn how to protect the country.

However, it’s not that simple as you have to meet certain requirements to see if you are able to be a part of the army.

Requirements to get in the Nigerian Air Force list

  1. You have to have a Nigerian nationality
  2. If you are not engaged in trade, you have to be at least 17 years old. In case you are a tradesman/woman, you should be between 17 and 24. If you want to get a driver job, you have to have a driving license and be at least 18.
  3. You are not allowed to be married to anyone.
  4. You have to be at least 1.68 m high for a guy and 1.65 m for a girl
  5. You have to be absolutely healthy and fit in order to be able to go through training. You also have to be examined by the professional doctors to make sure you are fine.

Education and diplomas

If you are not involved in trade business

You obviously have to have your school diploma. Moreover, you have to have Math and English credits with the highest grades.

This is the required minimum but the students with better diplomas have a greater chance to get accepted to the Nigerian Air Force.

For those who are engaged in trade business

nigeria air force

For those who are involved in business the things are a little bit more difficult. They have to have OND, NABTEB, RN/RM or City & Guild Certificate.

Moreover, they have to have all credits in their school diplomas. English is the most important factor.

Sad enough the people with other kinds of diplomas are not allowed to participate. Therefore, if you have university degrees, it won’t let you get in the army so you should be aware that applying there won’t make any sense.

All the forms that you’re filling in should be strictly controlled by the local government and the other military officers. They have to control if everything you wrote was correct and then put their signature on the documents.

However, if you go to the local government and ask for the head representatives, they will also be able to sign all the forms that you need. It is allowed according to the Nigerian Air Force policy.

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As for the other documents, it’s necessary to have your photos, all kinds of passports, driving license and other important identity cards.

Moreover, you can also bring the recommendation letter from any of your teachers or former bosses as it will help the Air Force representatives with choosing you among the other applicants.

More information about Nigerian Air Force recruitment

First of all, check if you have all the necessary documents as you will need all of them during all the periods of selection. Make sure to bring them with you even when you’re going to the final interview.

However, there are also other documents that you need to have.

The pictures from your passport should be signed by the officer or the representative of the local government. Without the signature they are not considered to be documents.

nigeria air force

Moreover, you also need to have the copies of your birth certificate or any other paper confirming your age. It has to be the document not older than five years.

You have to have all your diplomas and certificates stating you are/aren’t engaged in trade.

If your documents are revealed to be fake, the consequences will be terrifying. First of all, you will be excluded from the competition. But the worst part is that you will also have the problems with the law.

Even if this fact is discovered a lot later, you will still be not allowed to attend trainings anymore.

And things get even worse here. If you did it once, there is no way back. You will never get the second chance.

If the Air Force sees that you have applied for the training before but were never accepted, you have no chance to get there again. And they will know as they have all your contact information.

What you have to do to apply

It’s absolutely free to apply to the Nigerian Air Force. Try this website www.careers.nigerianairforce.gov.ng.

After that you have to print out all the necessary documents and bring all of it to their office. Don’t forget that if you’re under 18 you also need a parent/guardian consent form.

When – Nigerian airforce recruitment result

nigeria air force

This year’s registration is closed so you can try it next year. It was held from 8 February 2016 to 25 March 2016.

The training itself took place on 11 – 29 April 2016.

Technical Support

08104577415, 09-8704817, 09-8708475, 08078406568, 09054795502

 Email: airforce.support@swglobal.com

Nigerian Air Force had a birthday a few months ago! It turned fifty two this year. There was a huge celebration with all the officers and commanders in April.

To sum up, if you feel brave enough to defend your country, go for the Nigerian Air Force recruitment and don’t miss a chance to become a hero!


Are you interested in joining the nigeria air force 2015/2016 recuitment or your name was not shortlisted kindly call YUSUF KABIRU ON 09054904771

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