Which pastors are false prophets?

We all know who is pastor, but, unfortunately, now a day there are people who just pretend being them. Read the article and learn more about who are false prophets pastors.

Which pastors are false prophets?

Be careful! Nowadays there are many false prophets pastors. We give you some examples of them to prevent a lie.

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Pastor Imelda Namutebi. ‘’ Liberty Worship center.''

A first female pastor in Uganda who came up in the early 90’s but because of greediness and the love of money she was trapped under Satan’s way and left the ways of the Living God. This lady had promised God that she would never get married. This woman started lusting after Men of the church she was leading, and she thought ashamed if she would go to those men who are flocks, so she decided to go to her father in spirit who was by that time Kayanja Robert. Little did she know that Kayanja Robert had already wandered from the truth. So she slept with him Kayanja started giving her powers to go and exercise those powers to her church, but these powers were from underground. She needed more skills, but Robert Kayanja told her they have to go underground for those powers by herself. So she ended up underground for evil powers, but she deceives people that she is serving the Living God which is not true and this has tied and kept people of Jesus Christ in slavery and captivity sin.

Which pastors are false prophets?

She was given the powers of the devil to lead all the people who go underground in search of evil powers for the miracles, and she has been paid to give powers to other pastors through sexual intercourse, to exchange powers through sex with those pastors, 99% of False Pastors in Uganda, these include Pr.John Mulinde of Trumpet Worship Centre, Kakande of Synagogue, Pr.Sserwadda Joseph, Pr.Robert Kayanja, Pr.Yiga of Kavala, Pr. Deo Maganjo, etc after when she was tired of having sex with them she saw it was tiresome, and she started growing breasts at night at Nabinoonya Beach, and she feeds them those powers through feeding like dogs but those breasts that come up from right are six and six from the left and to add them all are 12 breasts that are being fed on. The following are the Pastors she was feeding to get power.

  • Pr.Tom Sembela
  • Pr. Ssozi
  • Singer Judith babirye
  • Pr. Irene Manjeri of Bethel healing Centre.
  • Pr. Yiga Abizayo of Kawala
  • Pr.Sserwadda Joseph
  • Sarah Bunjo
  • John Bunjo
  • Pr. Tom Mugerwa of mutundwe
  • Pr. Kiganda of Kisenyi
  • Pr. Kayiwa
  • Pr. Mayambala

She was given the task of sacrificing kids and people of the church and therefore she only takes blood and also eats human flesh by this she is fulfilling the mission that was gotten from the devil. People, do you see how people are ferocious wolves in sheep’s clothing?

 Apostle Aloysius Bujingo( House of Prayer Bat Valley)

Bujjingo was born with Aids and bujjingo has never married he has no kids and the wife that he claims the wife it's not true, that is just a public face to argue that is a woman, of course, he says has a daughter in Makerere, but that Daughter is not his, she is just helping her study, bujjingo started earlier and way back, and was singing at Liberty worship centre when he was a boy and later on joined sserwadda Joseph who initiated him underground, of course as you already know bujjingo is a Rwandese.

Bujjingo was given a task by Lucifer, or call him the devil or SATAN to spread the Aids in acts of homosexuality to youths, and to women in the worship team at Batvalley, he does sleep with the flock or call them the worship team, church members and also other women outside who come to fellowship with the church.

Bujjingo has slept with many women of the church and also sodomized other church members whom he has infected with HIV AIDS and one of the things that has made him not to marry is He is HIV AIDS INFECTED AND HE WAS BORN WITH IT. The children that you see are not Bujjingo's children but he is helping them, and if you want prove tell him to bring DNA results for Paternal parents, even you look at the woman is older then bujjingo, that woman there has been involved in the underground issues and she is involved in the system of faking marriage, if there's any body who saw bujjingo's wedding, please tell us.

Which pastors are false prophets?

Bujjingo was also given a task for making the church members to stick on him and to always make sure he makes church members to thirst for him and love him as you may see now all the youth girls are there and for women it's worse, he pretends that he doesn't ask for Money but because has a task for him to make you thirst for him, you yourself will bring it.

Bujjingo has sponsors from California who give him Aid and they have been supporting him from where he started as a singer from Nansana where he first had a church before he came to Batvalley theater to make a church.

Bujjingo recently opened radio station as Salt Fm and Salt T.v, and of course these were given by the devil to increase his public Audience and hence capturing many souls to Hell by just following him, and also he has promised to marry almost every gal in the church, and he deceives them but the devil told him no girl should know each other, so they don't know each other, he has many girlfriends from Makerere University.

Bujingo is a homo sexual. Bujingo sleeps with worship team ministers and with the flock he presides over and all this he spreads the spirit of lesbianism, the spirit of homosexuality to the church and who ever just enters into the church, enters his covenants of the underground for sacrifice to come.

Tom Mugerwa, "Mutundwe’’

This Pastor is master of demons he teaches about demons, he knows the demons names and knows their sizes and every name of the demon. For sure that gospel shows come from underground, not from Jesus Christ. Because Jesus Christ gave us power and authority to tread and trample on the snakes and all the powers of the enemy that is Satan. Jesus Christ came with the gospel of eternal life, Healing and had authority over sin, not demons gospel. This fellow by his fruits we know that he is underground Agent to kill the church souls to the devil through the demonic gospel.

Which pastors are false prophets?

To him the scripture, The Spirit clearly says that in latter times some will depart from their faith and follow the deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons speaking lies in hypocrisy, and have their conscience seared with hot iron.

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