42 bodies of Boko Haram hostages were revealed in Lake Chad

How many fishermen hostages were killed by Boko Haram on the Lake Chad? When did police find Cameroonian sailors? Read the article to learn the latest news.

42 bodies of Boko Haram

Bodies of 42 fishermen kidnapped by Boko Haram last week were found in the lake Chad – have reported Cameroonian armed forces on Monday late at night.

On June 8 the group attacked Darak, village on border of Nigeria and Cameroon and has seized fishermen, having killed 10 of them in the neighboring Cameroonian village of Tubun Ali two days before.

Boko Haram kidnapping

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Cameroonian sailors and villagers saw that several bodies floated on water. They have immediately reported about it to security forces – has told the colonel Nomo Gene Claude. – We have pulled out 42 bodies of water in night of Saturday on Sunday.

After identification, employees of security service have found out that these people had a Cameroonian, Nigerian and Chad nationality. Bodies of Boko Haram kidnapping victims have been immediately transferred to families for commission of funeral.

Boko Haram Nigeria

As a result of nearly seven years of activity of Boko Haram Nigeria and Boko Haram Cameroon, thousands of civilians have died and 2.7 million were displaced persons. At the end of the spring period of 2014, the group was entered by the UN Security Council in the list of terrorist companies. At the beginning of spring of the 2015, Boko Haram has sworn on fidelity to Islamic group.

There are a lot of Boko Haram videos killing in the Internet. Army forces fight against large terroristic groups.

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