Does Illuminati really exist?

People are wondering whether the Illuminati rule the world. Do they tell the presidents what to do? Do we know them? Are they famous people? You’ll find all the answers right now.

Have you ever wondered whether they really exist? Plenty of movies, stories, books and researches were written about it. But have anyone seen them? Talked to them? Can the illuminati really exist? Or perhaps it's only a legend or an interesting fairy tale?

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If to gather all the knowledge, information and fact, we can say that there is a secret organization. For example, celebrities. Some of them become popular like with the use of a magic wand. They become extremely rich, however, they are from poor families. Does someone help them?

This topic is extremely interesting because this secret has been hidden for ages. Even now a lot of catastrophes and death are associated with Illuminati.  We gathered all the ideas, facts and hypothesis, which you’ll see below.

Do illuminati really exist?

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The word Illuminati means:

1. Men claiming to have a perfect, complete education, super-knowledge in relation to the different subjects.

2. Any of the religious groups, which announces its peculiar religious knowledge and education. Latin illuminati, plural of illuminatus.

These people are the leading players in all international markets. In its majority Illuminati belong to one of the thirteen richest families of the world. Illuminati are the people who rule the whole world from behind the scenes. It's interesting, that almost all of them are men but the rare exceptions exist. They are like ‘black nobility’, the ones who make decisions, who write the rules for all presidents and governments and the whole world. And they are free from the annoying ‘public eye’, because their actions are not visible at all. Their ancestry goes back to thousands of years before us. They carefully guard the purity of their blood from generation to generation. It's extremely important. But the only way to do this is incest.

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Their huge power is based on secret knowledge and on the economy – the power that money provides. Illuminati belong to international banks, the oil business, the most powerful productions, trade organizations, they flooded the political structures, they bought most governments - or at least they control them. For example, look at the presidential elections in America. It is no secret that the winning candidate always has more sponsorship money and it allows to destroy another candidate.

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And who is sponsoring the ‘right’ candidate? Have you ever thought about it? Illuminati. And it happens much more often than they allow the country ‘to play’ without sponsoring anyone. They decide who will be the next president and watch. They make him win even if they have to cheat. As, for example, in Florida, when George W. Bush ‘won’ the elections and Al Gore lost. Most presidential campaigns are funded by money from drug trafficking, because, as you know, the Illuminati control the drug business and allow it to exist. In fact, they do not need elections. But it’s a way they give us to play, to feel that we decide something, they pretend that the Constitution is observed.

But is there something the president can decide? The last word is not after him. The power does not belong to the politicians, but to the Illuminati, many of which are the international bankers. The leading presidential candidates are carefully selected from among the blood occult lines of thirteen families of the Illuminati. For example, if you study the ancestry of the Presidents of the United States from the beginning of America to the present day, you’ll certainly see that they are all, without exception, belong to the same royal line that they are all ‘one family’. They have the same ancestors and the same family tree. Royal line is an equivalent to the term Illuminati.

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Illuminati is a secret society of occultists, who are very close to us for hundreds of years. This is not a club of teenagers or adult grandpas looking for fun. It is much more. This is an elaborate organization with people occupying very ‘high places’. These people are very rich and are ‘above’ the laws of all the countries. And many of them never show up in the lists of the richest people in the world, their names are a great mystery. But now there is no doubt they exist. No doubt anymore.


Freemasons are not as they are taken to be, Nigerians have been fooled again. they are a religious group. almost judaists but they believe that Solomon's architect had some secrets which the Templars discovered and handed to them. not true. They are usually secretive and they have influential people amongst them and they associate and help each other out, they became formidable, so people fear them and started rumors against the. Tip: whenever you hear that anyone speaks to the devil and makes arrangements with him, know it is all bs(bull crap)

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