Donald Trump on Nigeria: What is his attitude to the immigrants?

For what provocative statements Donald Trump is known? What does the president think about the immigration? Read the information below to learn more facts about the scandal leader of the USA.

Donald Trump: Nigeria will be sent home

Donald Trump: Nigeria will be sent home

The big part of Americans was shocked with the statement of Donald Trump on Nigeria. The leader of the presidential race has made the provocative statement about emigrants in the United States, in particular, about Nigerians. This statement has been made prior to Donald Trump's victory on elections. During the meeting in Kansas, it has expressed threat to the Nigerians. According to him, they have arrived at the country and have got jobs, which are intended for honest and hardworking Americans.

'To make our country big and powerful again, we have to get rid of Muslims, Mexicans and Africans, and in particular of Nigerians. They take us away from our work, job places intended for honest diligent Americans. When we don't give them jobs, these Muslims arrange terrorist attacks' – Trump said.

'We have to move Africans. Nigerians are everywhere now. I was at the meeting in Alaska and only Africans were everywhere. How do you think where they are from? From Nigeria! I saw them in each state where they got a job. Why can't they find a job in the hometown in their native country?’

‘I know: because corruption reigns in their country. Their government plunders people. Therefore, they come here and take us away from our work. When I become a president, we will send all of them home. We will construct a wall along the Atlantic coast. We will colonize them because probably, they haven't felt, what is it, from British!’

Donald Trump and Nigeria

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This speech of the president has been supported by thousands of white people. It is unknown what will be with relations of Donald Trump and Nigeria after Trump's victory on elections, but it is possible, the time to pack things and to move away will come. This is not the first statement of Donald Trump on immigration: ‘I have excellent relations with black,’ – Donald Trump has declared on one of the performances, having forgotten that the word 'black' in the USA concerning the Afro-Americans is politically incorrect and offensive. He has a similar attitude towards Latin Americans and Mexicans in particular. 'Mexico generally imports criminals, tyrants and drug dealers to the USA. I will construct a wall on the Mexican border and I will force Mexico to pay from 5 to 10 billion dollars for its construction. Otherwise, it is necessary to forbid money home transfers of the Mexican immigrants from the USA’ – Trump has declared. Trump supports the closing of mosques in the USA. 'I wouldn't want it, but this is what should be considered seriously. Until we don't understand this problem, our country can't be the victim of the terrible attacks from people who believe only in jihad and don't make common sense and respect for human life.’ As for the political opponents, Donald Trump doesn't constrain himself concerning their assessment at all. 

'It seemed to me that there is something wrong with the mental health of president Obama.’

'President Obama will become the worst president in the history of the United States!' – Trump has written on Twitter. During the performance at voters in Florida Trump called the president of the USA the founder of the Islamic State terrorist group.

'ISIL adores president Obama. He is a founder of ISIL. And his partner is an unscrupulous Clinton.’

He has called Hillary Clinton ‘the liar of a world class.’ ‘Hillary Clinton has a policy of a personal profit. She directed State Department as the personal hedge fund. She patronized the despotic modes in exchange for money’ – Trump claims.

And in general, the republican candidate makes statements, which can offend any American voter. 'I can get up in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot at people, and I won't lose supporters’ – he bragged.

Donald Trump on immigration

Donald Trump is also accused of negligence to women. Trump has bought the rights for 'Miss Universe' and very often went too far concerning participants of a competition. So, for example, he has called the title holder of Miss Universe 1996 'Ms. Piggy' and ‘Ms. Household.’ In reply, she has declared that it is impossible to be reconciled with Trump's insults to all women and natives of Latin America.

 But all that Trump has managed to tell grows dim in comparison with the most terrible crime, which can be made in the USA – failure to pay taxes.

The New York Times newspaper has found out that Donald Trump doesn't pay years taxes for 18 years. The edition has found out that in 1995 he declared losses of $916 million in tax declarations that have allowed him to avoid 18 years of payment of some federal taxes.

Employees of his pre-election campaign have issued the statement, in which they haven't confirmed, but also haven't denied this information. However, Trump's lawyer has sent to the newspaper the letter by e-mail, in which he claims that the publication of reports is illegal, as the businessman didn't allow opening his tax declarations. And Trump's supporters claim that concealment of taxes has shown genius and a business grasp of the candidate. 'This is absolutely lawful using of the Tax Code, and he would be a fool if he hadn't used it' – the ex-mayor of New York has declared.

Trump has tried to turn this charge in his own favor. 'I know our difficult tax laws better than someone who sometimes ran for the presidency. And I am the only one who can correct them' – Trump has written on his Twitter.

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