How Islamic are the Islamic countries?

How and when African countries have become Islamic? What Islamic traditions are maintained in Nigeria? The answers to these questions are in this article.

how islamic are the islamic countries


In Nigeria, there are two dominant religions. How Islamic are the Islamic countries? Islam dominates at the north of the country, is also common in the southwestern part of it, among the Yoruba people. Protestantism and local syncretic Christianity are also common among the Yoruba, while Catholicism is prevalent in people of Igbo. Protestantism and Catholicism professed by such nations as Ibibio, Efik, and Annang.

islamic countries

Islam in independent Nigeria

As in other Islamic countries, Islam in Nigeria includes daily and annual rituals: the hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), Sharia (set of religious laws), the creation of a single political point of view, the population behavior in family life, communal system, and the relevant rules of personal conduct in most situations.

Census 1963 showed that 26 percent of Nigerians are Muslims, 62 percent are Christians and 14 percent practice traditional beliefs. Boko Haram insurgency is taking place between Muslims and Christians. The Islamic countries in Africa are involved in this conflict regularly sending troops and police to stop the massacres. According to the latest population census in Nigeria, Muslims constitute the majority, Christians are the second largest denomination and constitute 48.2% of the country's population. The northern part of Nigeria (where the majority is Muslims) is living under Sharia law since 1999.

Since 1990, Islam became pervasive in the daily lives of Nigerians. Public meeting began and ended with the Muslim prayer, and most people know at least a few Arab prayers and the five pillars of religion. In 2009, the number of Muslims has exceeded the number of Christians.

islamic countries in africa

In the 12 states of Nigeria operates Sharia law, which regulates public relations in the field of civil and criminal law. Sharia operates in 9 states with a Muslim majority, and in some parts of 3 states. The body of Islamic law was adopted by the Government as a law in 1999 when the governor of Zamfara began to promote the idea of Sharia at the state level of the country.

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organization of islamic countries members


As of 2009, 9 states have laws of Sharia:

  • Zamfara,
  • Cano,
  • Sokoto,
  • Katsina,
  • Bauchi,
  • Borno,
  • Jigawa,
  • Kebbi,
  • Yobe

The three states also practiced Sharia (in some areas with a predominantly Muslim population):

  • Kaduna,
  • Niger,
  • Gombe.

The debate on the adoption of Sharia

Organization of Islamic countries members always had difficulties with the other world. Now this alliance consists of 57 countries but it all started with only 25 countries among which there were African nations.

There were numerous revolts against life under Sharia law in the first place with the participation of non-Muslim minorities in states with a Muslim majority, which implemented the system of law. In October 2001, in Kano state more, than 100 people were killed in clashes between people of different beliefs.

In 2002, in the State of Katsina was held the first death penalty of man under Sharia law; the representative of Islamic countries in Europe Human Rights Watch has condemned the execution.

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