How Nigeria got its name?

What meaning has the name of the country Nigeria? What's the special value of the flag and emblem of Nigeria? Learn more about the values of the symbols of this country in the article.

nigeria meaning

Many countries get their name because of their basis. For example, it may be a lake or river, which flows near or in the capital. Nigeria is no exception. And how Nigeria got its name? The country's name comes from the Niger River. Nigeria meaning is translated from Tuareg as "flowing water."

However, except for the name, the meaning of Nigeria includes several distinctive features. These include the coat of arms and flag.

meaning of nigeria

Description and proportions of the flag of Nigeria

Rectangular flag of Nigeria has two colors. It is divided into three vertical stripes of equal width, the average of which is applied to white and two extreme to green.

Green cloth of Nigerian flag symbolizes its forest resources, and the white color says about peace and the heavy price for the peaceful life.

Naval flag of Nigeria is a rectangle of white. Apart from the depiction of the national flag of Nigeria, in the right half of the white box, there is an oval blue logo enclosed in a gold frame. On a blue field, emblem depicts a white anchor with a red eagle. This bird is a symbol of Nigerians and displayed on the state emblem of the country.

Nigeria has access to the sea and, like any other naval countries, a merchant fleet is a part of the meaning of Nigerian financial system. Merchant fleet flag of Nigeria looks like a rectangular cloth of red.

meaning of nigerian financial system

History of Nigerian flag

During the time of British colonial rule in Nigeria, the flag was a rectangular cloth of blue, on the top of which a quarter was held at the base of the flag of Great Britain. On the right side of the blue cloth was applied emblem of Nigeria, which looked like a six-pointed star of a green color. In the center of the two crossed triangles was located royal crown, made of white color.

In 1960, Nigeria gained its independence from British colonial rule and officially adopted a new flag.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria in recent years has attracted more and more attention. Among African countries, it has a leading position in the field of oil production, but the coat of arms of Nigeria, rather, points to other natural wealth.

nigeria flag meaning

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Nigerian coat of arms

The emblem, on the one hand, is the World Heritage of the heraldic tradition, and on the other hand, images and symbols are transferred naturalistic, in the style of naive art. At the same time, they are filled with a deep sense.

In fact, as Nigeria flag meaning, the coat of arms of the Nigerian state can be divided into four groups of meaning:

  • the shield,
  • supporters transmitted through the images of white horses,
  • base,
  • eagle, crowning composition.

It seems an unusual combination of shield colors: black background and a silver cross. There is used a rare form of the heraldic cross, it is waved and forked.

Just above the shield, there is a torse – symbol traditional for many European coats of arms, it is made in emerald and silver colors. On the torse, there is a golden eagle, is also well known to many monarchs courtyards of the Old World.

The basis for the coat of arms is a blooming meadow. They are costus spectabilis. It refers to the tropical perennial herbaceous plants; the distribution area is wide enough and captures the Nigerian territory. At the same time, the locals consider it not just a representative of the local flora, but the national flower.

nigeria flag meaning1

Symbols of the Nigerian Coat of Arms

  1. Blooming Meadow undoubtedly symbolizes the natural wealth of the country.
  2. Silver Cross – the symbolically shown image of the two largest Nigerian water flows, the famous River Niger and the less known Benue.
  3. Golden Eagle, the traditional way for the heraldry of Europe and Asia. Its appearance on the main symbol of the Federal Republic of Nigeria pursues the same goals. This is a kind of demonstration of the power of the state.
  4. Horses symbolize the pride and dignity.
  5. Gold Ribbon, which has a red underside, is demonstrating the motto, transmitting the main goals of the state and citizens' dream of unity, faith, peace, and progress.


meaning of Nigeria includes several distinctive features

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