What does Amnesty International blame Nigerian government for?

People are wondering whether the soldiers are punished for the cruel murders. What did Amnesty International say? Who is guilty? The terrible facts and latest news are here.

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Amnesty International told that in May Nigerian soldiers murdered 17 members of IPOB. It blames the Nigerian authorities. It’s all about alleged clashes between the soldiers and members of the local people of Biafra (IPOB). It hasn’t been heard before, as Amnesty International argues that Nigeria's army murdered at least 17 weaponless IPOB members in May.

The report of Amnesty, which was based on eyewitness’ opinions, hospitals and morgues, said that the soldiers opened fire on members of IPOB and all their supporters during they were gathering for the march. It happened in Anambra State, Onitsha.

Human Rights Group also added that the murders occurred during a special security operation in the early morning, just before the campaign, when the military men raided the houses and the church where the members of IPOB were sleeping.

Amnesty said that its accurate investigation showed that at least 17 people were murdered and about 50 wounded. Also it was added that ‘the real number will certainly be higher’.

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Calling on the government to conduct an investigation, the right alliance said: ‘The information, which was collected by Amnesty International, proves that the murders of supporters and IPOB members were the result of cruel and unnecessary use of force’. The content of this report was rejected by a spokesman of the Sani Usman Army. He said: ‘These charges are baseless’.

Unfortunately the situation in Nigeria is getting worse. The government doesn’t know what to do with different alliances, groups and strikes. Also there are plenty of ‘mistakes’ of army and police. If the situation doesn’t change the Nigerian people will strike all the time.

The life is changing… but for better? People are tired of all these problems. They cannot be safe at their homes. The military men may attack them at any moment. Is it clever politics of the government? Certainly, not. The most important thing is people, citizens of Nigeria. They must be totally safe in their country. In their beloved country. Authorities shouldn’t destroy their love to native land.

Nigeria is the most important member of the international community. It links with the leading countries world-wide. What is the reason? Oil! The government can and must develop the conditions of living for people.

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Nigeria is sometimes called a black princess from the dark castle in the dark kingdom... Have any ideas why? Nigeria is a princess but cloistered in the dark castle. The government built this castle for people. However, it has forgotten that it is inside too. So how to go out now? How to escape and save yourself? The authorities have little time to find the way out.

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