Who among Nigerian members of House of Representatives are accused of sex misconduct?

The latest news state that there is finally an evidence of the sex crime commited by the three members of House of Representatives. Find out more about it here!

sex misconduct

The huge sex scandal has shocked the Nigerian public recently. According to the latest news the Ambassador of the United States to Nigeria reported about the three authorities of the Nigerian government who had sex with prostitutes.

There is no doubt that this illegal act committed by the members of the House of the Representatives will be punished and right now it is being figured out how exactly.

The names of the members who are believed to commit such a crime are Garba Gololo, Samuel Ikon and Mark Gbillah. The United States Ambassador said that it happened during their visit to America in April this year.

He believes that their behaviour is absolutely unacceptable for the governmental representatives as they make the whole system look unsuitable.

According to the words of the ambassador those three House of Representatives members not only managed to use the sex services but also tried to rape the innocent hotel worker.

Gololo, Ikon and Gbillah thought for some reason that the committee won’t reveal the truth. However, even though a lot of representatives were gone to Mecca, the scandal was still raised by the other members.

Their decision was to start a trial to reveal all the necessary details and explain the three members the accusations.

Firstly they wanted to invite the hotel stuff as witnesses but then it turned out to be unnecessary because the US ambassador had a video proving their guilt.

sex misconduct

The hearing will take place soon and among those who are going to go there are the ambassador himself and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema.

And all the House of Representatives members who were present in the meeting in the US are also required to go.

The idea of not inviting the hotel workers to go comes from the ambassador who has convinced the committee that he has all evidence to prove the Ikon’s, Gololo’s and Gbillah’s guilt.

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After having a brief discussion it was decided that the witnesses are really not needed as the video tape will speak for itself. Hopefully it will be enough evidence to convince the judge.

The other members of the House of Representatives are quite shocked by such behaviour of their colleagues. None of them expected that this would occur.

Apart from this, they are also worried that this case became so viral in the media for such a short period of time. Cases like this might make the population change the image of the politicians in their minds.

That’s why they have to go through the punishment. However, none of the other workers have ideas how the future will look like for those three men.

However, some other House of Representatives members have the other ideas about these events. They say that it’s not true and the ambassador has fake evidence as no one has seen it before.

sex misconduct

They find it very important that the committee sees the video first so that they can believe the ambassador and have a real right to accuse the three politicians.

They are not protecting them or naming them innocent but they are trying to make things right and not that harsh.

The others agree that the ambassador has to indeed show the video to the committee first. What is more, they want him to make it open to the public to make things obvious.

And only after that they can really accuse Ikon, Gololo and Gbillah. They also think that they shouldn’t hide truth from the population.

Everyone is waiting for the ambassador Entwistle to bring up those video tapes so that the hearing can officially begin. Moreover, the people are willing to hear the lawmakers’ explanations and comments about what happened.

Who knows, maybe we will find some more intriguing details soon.

sex misconduct

As for the president Buhari’s actions, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria doesn’t express any dissatisfaction. He believes that there isn’t much choice because of the general situation in the country.

The level of corruption is so high that it’s really hard to do the things differently.

In all his interviews the ambassador has only positive comments about the Nigerian President. He believes that in such a crisis he is still doing something to save the country from corruption and other important problems.

He said that it was a good idea to ask the agencies to get all the necessary evidence. It will help the investigation a lot. That’s a thing that will actually be helpful for the hearing and honest to the people.

This issue is generally a really important one. The behaviour of the careless politicians who believe they are allowed to do inappropriate things and get away with it is definitely unacceptable.

The representatives of the country should create another kind of image of the people living there. Otherwise all of us would have to face the consequences of such unpleasant situations.

People might have different opinions about this issue. The private life should stay private, that’s true. But this rule works only as long as you don’t harm anyone else.

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