Who are the most famous criminals in Nigerian history?

What are the scariest criminal cases, which took place in Lagos? What did the criminals do? Read the article to learn.

Nigerian biggest criminals ever

Nigerian biggest criminals ever

  • Criminals Baddo and Godogo are on the fifth place of rating of most famous criminals of all time. Baddo was notorious because of harassment of children and women and numerous robberies. This criminal terrorized inhabitants of Ikorodu too long. The police could do nothing as after several days of the imprisoning he went out of prison again. It has proceeded till June. Inhabitants of Ikorodu have taken courage, have caught Baddo and have set fire to him. His assistant was the famous armed robber in the Southwest part of Nigeria who has escaped employees of safety, having killed many people to whom he has come into contact. Abiodun Egunjobi known as Godogodo, became the leader of the gang, which has thrown down a challenge to all inhabitants and terrorized them in the southwest region. He was on the list of wanted more than 10 years and ways, which he managed to evade police, still remain legendary. However, during preparation for a large-scale task he has been arrested. He went for operation with the bag containing 10 completely loaded rifles of AK-47. However all this time nobody even guessed about his criminal activity. He was so good in masking that even his wife and family members never knew the one whom he was in spite of the fact that ammunition was in many rooms of his house. He had six buildings in various places including Lagos, Ogun and the states of Ondo, and never remained in the specific location for more than a month. Baddo and Godogo became famous criminal couples.
  • Derico was a street robber. He takes the fourth place in the list of most famous criminals. His name threw into a shiver many inhabitants in the east region. He has killed more than 100 people including 25 police officers. He was an initiator of uncountable bus robberies. After his successful attacks, he announced himself unrestrained. He has been called the king of thieves of Anambra Chiejina and was described as the most killing armed robber in the whole state. His father was also a criminal, and they became very good friends and colleagues in the business of the armed robbery. However, their friendship didn't last long as disputes over an occasion of their actions have broken out soon. Both of them were equally dangerous, and people from the entire region were equally afraid of them. The cruelty of Derico has seemed too strong for Chiejina, and during their another dispute Deriko has killed him. After Chiejina death, he became the indisputable emperor of terror. In 2001, the team of the state police Anambra has begun Operation of Deriko who has been aimed at a gain of Deriko and his members of the gang. Some subordinates of Deriko have been arrested in police approach, but Derico was still imperceptible. However, on July 2001, according to messages, Deriko has been arrested. Deriko has been executed by people whom he terrorized.

famous criminal couples

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  • Shina Rambo has created a terrible name for himself, having made a number of crimes, which has forced even police to be afraid to fight against him. He is on the third place of our rating of famous criminals. He plundered the highway with his gang, shooting at cars. There are versions, in which it is said that he has been killed during the next operation, however, other versions say that he has died as the ordinary person. It is considered that police officers, who have killed him, didn't even know that it was Shina Rambo. They could capture him because he wasn't with the equipment. There was no weapon at him, as he didn't go for the operation. The police have thrown his body into the canal when it was dark.
  • Doctor Ishola Oyenus is the famous Nigerian robber. He was executed. His name is forever imprinted in the history of Nigeria as one of the cruelest armed robbers. This is the criminal who has started boundless terror on many Nigerians. By the beginning of 1970, right after the end of the bloody civil war, the cruel robber, who called himself doctor Oyenusi, terrorized the whole Lagos, the largest center of Nigeria. He wasn't an ordinary bandit. He was angrier and had a lot of confidence than many. People were afraid of this robber that even when it was decided to make the film based on his actions, nobody could decide to act in a leading role in fear that he will be killed. Doctor Ishola Oyenusi has been caught during operation, which has caused many disorders and expectations from ordinary inhabitants.
  • Undoubtedly, the most terrible criminal of Nigeria is Lawrence Nomanyagbon Anini. He was a Nigerian bandit who terrorized Benin City in the 1980th in the place with his friend Monday Osunbor. He migrated to Benin at early age, learned to go and became the qualified taxi driver. In various sources, it is supposed that he became known as the person who could operate various interests among motor speculators. He has been recognized as the driver and sale for gangs, leader of criminals and thieves. He has created gang. They became automobile robbers, bus robbers and thieves of bank. Gradually, they have expanded the crimes in other cities of the far North and East of Benin. It is rumored that in 1986, he cooperated with police. At the beginning of 1986, two members of his gang were judged. This incident and reaction of the criminal to police treachery have generated retaliatory actions. In August 1986, during a robbery of bank, the police officer and other citizens were killed. In the same month two officials have been shot. In total, for the three-month period he has killed nine police officers. Investigations show that 18 civilians have been killed by his armed gang, which has successfully robbed 12 banks. After that Lawrence Nomanyagbon Anini and his team have been found guilty. They have received death sentences in the form of execution.

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