Who is Donald Trump's wife?

To be the first lady is not only a high honor and an appropriate position in society, also a big responsibility. Especially when your husband is PRESIDENT! Who is Donald Trump`s wife? Find answer here!

melania trump

After successful presidential elections for Donald Trump in the in the United States Melania Trump becomes the first Lady of America. Melania Trump is considered the third in U.S. A. history lady of the foreign origin. She was born April 26, 1970, in the South-East of Slovenia, which was then part of Yugoslavia. Her father, Victor, was the Manager of a car dealership, and her mother, Amalia, painted pictures. Melania studied at the Lublin University just a year before becoming a model. She knew five languages: Slovenian, Serbian, English, French, and German.

trump`s wife

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Modeling career

In 1988 Melania signed a contract with modeling Agency in Milan, and four years later she moved to the Italian city to work as a model for the full time.

trump`s wife is model

Then after moving to New York in 1996, she participated in the best world fashion show. In addition to this, she also appeared on the covers of famous magazines (Vogue, Ocean Drive, GQ, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair Italia, and Allure).

melania trump

When Melanie began working with men's magazine GQ in 2000, then she starred nude in one of the photo shoots. Melania also received the title of "Miss Bikini" in "Sports Illustrated" magazine.

donald trump` lover

Meeting of Melania and Donald Trump

Donald Trump had to win Melania`s heart. The meeting with the millionaire happened at the party in New York. Trump came there with a beautiful woman. Despite this, Trump came soon went to meet with the new girl.

donald and melania

Contrary to his expectations, the model didn't answer with reciprocity. Therefore, the businessman had to use his influence in the glossy world of the press to help her to advance in career. After a while, Trump already fell in love so much, that he talked about his feelings live during the famous radio show.

donald & melania
Donald Trump was courting Melania for a long time. Finally, after lots of attempts,  Melania fell in love with Donald and became his third wife.

melania`s weeding

The couple had a luxury wedding at the cost of $1 million which was held on 22 January 2005. The bride wore a dress by Christian Dior Couture that was decorated with 1500 crystals with a cost of 200 thousand dollars. To cope with a huge dress which weighed 20 kgs, Melania hired special assistants. In March 2006 she gave birth to his only son, whose name is Barron William Trump.

donald trump`s son

About the politics of her husband

Despite the fact that Melania Trump immigrated to the USA, she maintains a strict policy of her husband against migrants. The wife of the new USA President has repeatedly stated that she has never violated laws of US immigration and became an American citizen legally. Meanwhile, according to Western media, the Slovenian model firstly worked illegally after moving to the USA.


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