Why Father Mbaka thinks that Nigerians will not elect Buhari in 2019?

Father Mbaka claims that Nigerians will not vote BUHARI in 2019. What did he say to the president? Have his predictions come true before? Find out all the latest news here right now!

Fr Mbaka

Angry Enugu-based Catholic priest, reverend Fr Mbaka sent a strong warning message to President Muhammadu Buhari. Mbaka in his last sermon warned our president that in 2019 Nigerians may not vote for him.

He totally criticized the president Buhari because of the economic difficulties the country is facing. Father Mbaka described the situation as a direct result of poor management of Buhari government, which led country to this.

sad President Buhari

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He criticized the president Buhari blaming him in the economic difficulties of the country. Controversial preist has clearly stated that Buhari should know that people of Nigeria may not vote for him in the next presidential election, which is going to happen in 2019. Mbaka also mentioned that Nigerians are extremely tired of the current administration and situation in general. Father Mbaka suggested that he hoped that Buhari government would become better after his strong declaration on the fight against national corruption.

President Buhari's speech

According to Mbaka words, no nation has a chance to survive when the terrible cankerworm of corruption goes deep into its social life. He says so as he has witnessed the previous administration that kept inform his interest and great desire to opt for some change.

He adds: “The change which really came with the leadership of president Buhari is useless matters at all, as poverty in Nigeria is on terrible level. Landlords are getting richer and richer while tenants and simple workers are hungry and extremely frustrated’.

Nigerian President

Regarding the agitation in the Niger Delta militants especially the Niger Delta Avangers. Father Mbaka also voiced his views. He questioned the justification for calling the perpetrators of the delta of Niger River Avengers. He suggested that in fact their fighting a just cause considering the level of damage done to the area’s ecosystem that has been feeding territory for the nation for decades. A notable charismatic Catholic priest predicted the loss of former President, whose name was Goodluck Jonathan, in 2015 elections.

Father Mbaka said Jonathan will be swept away by the strong wind of change after the last presidential election. And reverend Father Ejike Mbaka recently celebrated the 21st anniversary of his ordination. He received a good will and a congratulatory message from the same President Buhari.

President Buhari

Although  ‘President Buhari news’ keeps being sad or negative, people believe in some positive changes in the nearest future till the elections in 2019.

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