Virginity before marriage: Is it still important?

A question, which worries every 2 girl: should I remain my virginity before marriage? Well, it is very controversial, but worth discussing. Read the article and find out men’s and women’s opinions about this issue!

Virginity before marriage: Is it still important?

Does it worth storing virginity before marriage?

One of the most famous world's magazine conducted a poll on "Should a modern girl to save her virginity until marriage" among its readers in one of the social networks. The obtained results show that 44% are for it, while almost 50% are absolutely sure that this tradition has outlived its usefulness. The remaining 6-7% think this question is irrelevant for a relationship.

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Of course, among the subscribers developed rough discussion on the topic "The youth today is not the same as before." Many girls claimed that sex is a necessary way of holding the man, who you meet a few years with, without concluding the marriage. In their opinion, the lack of intimate relationships inevitably forces a choice on the search for a more affordable spouse. Opponents tried to prove that if a man leaves a woman solely because of their lack of sexual relations, he did not feel initially worthy of attention and referred to the group "only one thing is needed". Also, those who are of the opinion that sex is not that big a miracle to expect it before the wedding expressed their opinion.

Men's opinion

The men, connected to the voting, were divided into two camps: some say that buying a car or a TV, they always test them at the beginning; others stated that they are looking for "clean" in all senses of the relationship and do not want to build a family with the ladies who have a wealth of experience. The importance for men of virginity of the female partner is clearly confirmed by their attempts to strike up a conversation or even offer a hand and heart to any survey participant who reported that is a virgin and intends to wait until the wedding.

Virginity before marriage: Is it still important?

As it turned out (and this is not surprising), the readers of the magazine were impressed by the series "Sex in the City". The girls excitedly discussed the heroines of soap operas that met with everyone, then marry out of love, but divorced because of sexual incompatibility. The more experienced ladies were sure that these series is not an example to follow, and chaste behaviour always in demand and never become obsolete.

One woman shared her story: she got married a virgin, but after two years went through a divorce, but has no regrets because she was "at least not ashamed" for her actions. Young visitors of the site were sure that if you're 20 years old and you're a virgin, then something is wrong (as options: a lesbian, ugly, feminist, mentally ill, etc.). According to their code of conduct, 12-13 years, a self-respecting lady must already have a boyfriend, and aged 16-17 is obliged to go out and be with him in a sexual relationship. As a justification, the participants of the survey resembled that in the old days girls used to get married, but weddings today are so expensive that they have to save for years, so temperance in our day is not the solution. Besides, if necessary, you can restore your virginity – benefit of such operations offers a great number of clinics.

Virginity before marriage: Is it still important?

Sexual partners

Despite the fact that the theory of telegony (claiming that the pairing with the preceding, and especially with the first sexual partner significantly affects the hereditary characteristics of offspring a female) was not justified, experts appreciate the importance of first sexual experience. It is an accepted fact that it lays a noticeable imprint on all subsequent intimate life of a person. In our days the society got rid of the "dirty views" on young brides, who are "not girls", this practice becomes the norm. However, there are cases when a married woman develops a guilt complex about the fact that she has not saved herself for her partner and had premarital sex with other men. Some men specifically add fuel to the fire, blaming their other half for her adventures. Sometimes happens the opposite situation: the girl who stood at the altar a virgin, after 5-10 years of happy family life is faced with a burning desire to know what is intimacy with someone other than her husband. A woman feels depressed due to the fact that she knew of only one man.

Virginity before marriage: Is it still important?

So, the situation is very ambiguous. Psychologists emphasize that a major component of the decision on the entry into an intimate relationship until marriage needs to be a willingness to accept responsibility for the consequences of this act. And it's not only about how you will deal with your future partners (who will speak "for" or "against" your experience), and the possible unplanned pregnancy and, of course, necessary to maintain health.

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