Christmas day: best wishes for your loved ones

These best Christmas wishes will make your season special!

Christmas day

Christmas is such a magic time when we believe in miracles, buy presents and spend a lot of time with our close people. Christmas is the best time to make pleasant things for our loved ones. We want to show our love and care, but how to tell it beautifully, so that every word would get deep into their hearts? Here are a few simple advice to help you impress your loved person and let them know about your love.

All we need is love.

The most popular greetings for Christmas day and any other holiday are about love. There is nothing more important in our life than this. Make your partner feel love you have in your heart. You can say that being together makes you happy and you appreciate every moment of time you spend with your loved one.

best wishes for your loved ones

Care and support.

Care is the second thing all we need the most. Make your wish more personal. If you are writing the message to a person you know well, you surely are aware of their dreams and wishes. So when you mention the most desirable things in your Christmas card, your loved one will feel you has written a special personal greeting and not just downloaded it from the web. Usually family is the most crucial thing in our life, and Christmas time is the right time to think about the most important things in your life. So when you say, that you think about your soul mate, their hearts will melt, because we all need to be important for people we love.

Christmas day 2016

Be grateful.

Say thank you for everything your partner did and does in your life. It is crucial to tell about pleasant moments of your life like a couple. You surely have had many romantic and funny memories. So you can write about one of them and say you want more like this in the upcoming year. Another good idea to tell that your life got more fun and adventurous with this person and you really appreciate this. However, mention, that all the shine and glitter of life wouldn’t be this magical without your soul mate by your side. Let your partners feel they are blessing for you. 



There is magic in the air when Christmas comes into our homes. And it feels like miracles are really somewhere close. All the people like to hear nice words about themselves. It is especially pleasant when they are sincere and come from heart. Tell your loved one they are a miracle for you. You can mention how generous and kind is your loved person, smart and just the best in the world. Life without them wouldn’t be this happy and fulfilled.

Christmas day best wishes


Compare your loved one with something nice. Or name them with the name they need only. The more personalized your message will be, the more impact it will have on your loved one. If it is a girl, you can compare her beauty and uniqueness with the beauty of the snowflake. Or for example, you can write that kisses of your girlfriend are so sweet and tasty like the sweetest cake you have ever eaten. It may sound funny, but love shouldn’t be too serious, should it? 

“Christmas brightens our lives and makes us feel grateful for all the great and not-so great experiences of the previous year. You are definitely among my greatest experiences. Let’s make a beautiful Christmas together this year. ”
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Christmas day for your loved ones

Winter cold and music

Christmas is associated with cold, and even if you live in a warm country, you still can say to your loved one they warm you from inside always, even when it’s cold outside. If the person is right for you, they lighten and brighten your life and make the entire world better just by being close to you. And if let them know how you feel, it makes both of you happier. Christmas time is all about happiness and love moments. But there are some differences between greetings for boys and for girls. Read a few ideas what to write to your soul mate this holiday. If you have some favorite song both of you adore, it is a great idea to make a slideshow with lovely words and this song on the background. You can perhaps use some photos where you are together, to make your greeting even more personal.

Christmas day 2016


Basically women need a little more feelings than men, so if you want to make something pleasant to your girlfriend, tell about feelings and beauty. Girls like to be tolled nice things about their appearance, how stunning, pretty and sexy they are. Tell her that she is your princess, your one and only and you want to spend many Christmas days with her.  Also, girls like to be angels like so you can write she is your Christmas angel. You will be surely highly appreciated for this.


Men like warm words too. So if you realize, he is the one, tell him what he means for you. Your boyfriend will be touched you found time to write this Christmas card and the most important is that this card will be personalized for one man only, your boyfriend. You can say that his love your best present for this Christmas and you want receive it every day of the next year. It is also nice to tell you celebrate not only Christmas, but also the fact you are together and you have him in your life. Mention how smart and brave is your boyfriend, how much you appreciate his care and support. This will give him willing to make even more for you next year.

Hopefully, these ideas helped you to express your feelings. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you are rich and can make expensive presents or you have financial issues. Your attention, care and love is what really counts. So if you are blessed to have someone special in your life, who makes your life better and fuller, just say that you are happy to be with your loved one person. Of course, your partner knows it, but if make it visual and you write it on a beautiful Christmas card, these words can support them and warm their hearts a long time when it’s needed. So it is important to turn sometimes your feelings and thoughts into written words. Write it with your words, honest and with thoughts about the person you are writing to. No matter how good you are at writing Christmas wishes. The most important you did it with all the feelings and best wishes and this card will touch their heart.


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