Christmas day: history and traditions

What is Christmas and where those traditions come from? Find out now!

Christmas day

What do you know about the Christmas? All the kids and adults in the world adore Christmas, the day when Jesus Christ was born according to the tradition. It’s an important public holiday in many countries. People spend time with their families, give presents to each other and cook tasty dishes. However, are you sure you know everything about this day? Have you ever thought about the history of this celebration and why for example, it is used to get a Christmas tree to this day? Read this article, and you will find out many interesting facts you didn’t know before.

History of Christmas Day

Christians around the globe celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the date of December 25th, but in fact, this is not when he was born at all. No one really knows the true date of Jesus’s birth. But why do we celebrate it then on December 25th? And where do all these holiday traditions come from? The legend says that the date of December 25th was ceremoniously picked because it has to do with the winter solstice. So the celebration of Christmas Day is as a result of celebrations of the Winter Solstice. It is the day when the sun begins to rise in higher altitude against the horizon in the northern hemisphere resulting in longer days. And this was meant to represent the return of the Sun, which in Babylon was the wicked ruler and king Nimrod reincarnated. In a history, the story goes to Nimrods mother, who was incestuously married. Then Nimrod died at some point. And she claimed his dead body supernaturally reanimated.

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history and traditions

Christmas tree.

After his death, his mother propagated the doctrine of the survival of Nimrod’s spirit being. She claimed a full-grown evergreen tree appeared overnight from a dead tree stump, which symbolises the reincarnations forth into the new life of the dead Nimrod. She claimed that on each anniversary of his birth Nimrod would visit the evergreen tree in every house and left gifts upon it. According to this story, December of 25th was always the birthday of Nimrod. So when you buy a Christmas tree every Christmas and put gifts under it, you partaking in the ancient Babylonian mystery religion tradition and not even knowing it.

Christmas day: history and traditions


Many people believe Christmas traditions have a grounding with the well-known story of Jesus Christ. However, many the traditions we associate with Bible, go from pre-Christian times. In pagan times people have another name for Christmas, such as Yule. Yule means “Feast”. And it was the very popular pagan holiday and the festival by Germanic people. The exact day of Yule was celebrated from late December to early January like for example, in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. People picked one day according to the lunar cycle and celebrated it.

Christmas day 2016

Yule Log.

One of the most fascinating ancient traditions of Yule is Yule Log. This was the ride of burning a big wooden log in the fireplace on Christmas or Yule Eve during the night. People believed, that when the last logs embers died, by magic a Christmas tree becomes surrounded by gifts. The Yule log also represented the sun god Nimrod and the Christmas tree represented him as a resurrected being. People have carol singing too and it was the part of celebrations. So a Christmas tree and a Yule log have a tremendous meaning for ancient people, but not a Christian meaning. The Yule Log is also the dead Nimrod human ruler of ancient Babylon. The Christmas tree is a mystical symbol of reincarnation of life. Nimrod is the origin of the character that we know today as Santa Claus, who brings gifts underneath the every evergreen tree. The story with Santa sounds very similar to the story of the wicked ruler Nimrod and his reborn.

Colors of Christmas.

Even all the known colors of this holiday have their ties to the ruler of Babylon Nimrod. For instance, the red color, which Santa uses for his suit, is an origin representative of fire, which is a representation of the sun god king Nimrod. And this is also true with another Christmas color the green one. Green stands for an evergreen tree and turns of the death to the life again.

 history and traditions 2016

St. Nick and other.

Santa Klaus is often referred to the Saint Nick. However, Nick or Nickolaus is the Greek name of the king Nimrod. So the story has a lot of names of one historical person and it’s up to you to pick the one you like more. There is also a lot of ties to Egyptians mythology and Osiris and Horus. All the gods in many religions have similar ruts and traditions like Christ, Krishna, Buddha.

So if you haven’t realized it yet, you were celebrating far more ancient traditions than you have been thinking before. However, this is a beautiful and magical holiday, and it’s a very nice reason for all the family to meet together and make something good to each other. So it doesn’t matter what was the story of this ancient holiday. Give presents to your special ones and make this day the best day of the year for those who you love. 

Interesting facts about Christmas:

•    Some countries celebrate Christmas on 7th January and the date of 25th December is not a holiday there.

•    When you write Xmas, the letter X goes not from Christ. This is an old tradition when people used a cross as a symbol of the person Jesus Christ and the word Christ itself.

•    Some countries have the word for Christmas in their languages, which is closer to Yule, a pagan festival, than to Christ.


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