How pastors get paid?

What is the source of income for pastors? Is Chris Oyakhilome the richest Nigerian pastor and what is the source of his income? Read the article to learn more facts about their salary.

how do pastors get paid

The salary of pastor depends on many factors, and the main of them are the location of the church and its income. So how do pastors get paid? Presbyterian senior pastors earn the largest sum of money, which is $78000, while Baptist senior pastors earn about $67000. Beginning Baptist pastors earn about $44000 and receive housing. The smallest sum is received by Presbyterian young pastors – about $36000. The income of any pastor depends on the income of the church and denominational values. Presbyterian churches led by the senior pastors enjoy the greatest popularity. Respectively, they gain bigger income than other types of churches with junior pastors. Nevertheless, Baptist churches pay junior pastors 20 percent more.

Female pastors have the bigger income than men do. It is caused by the fact that in many churches woman isn't widespread as the pastors. Thus, the female pastor can earn 6 percent more than man. So, for example, their salary can reach $49219 in comparison with $45259. Also, they receive housing and pension benefits. The difference in salaries is caused also by the fact that female pastors earn for total compensation, which affects such spheres as medical insurance, pension, and further education. There is also the version that only 2.5 percent of employees are women. At the same time, they remain in service longer, and their durability leads to the higher salary. But this hypothesis isn't right: for pastors, the number of years doesn't matter. There is also a version caused by an arrangement of regions. Pastors receive the highest payment in certain regions, which isn't surprising, considering the higher cost of accommodation at some of them. In these regions, a concept about the woman as the pastor is more widespread. Thus, female pastors are inclined to find work in regions with a high cost of living. In this regard, they receive more money. Contrary to the widespread practice of smaller salaries for women than for men at an identical position, women receive more. However, in any other church job, the situation remains former. On average, women earn about 80 percent of the sum of what men receive.

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 Nigerian pastors sermons

Regarding education, the additional degree at university plays the same role here, as well as in any other sphere. Even in the pastoral ministry, it is more favorable to the person to have the degree for obtaining the bigger sum of money. Thus, the increase from the bachelor's degree to degree of the master raises your income from 10 to 20 percent. Doctor's degree will help you to receive 15 percent more. Thus, your salary can increase approximately from $7000 to $15000 a year. In this regard, it makes sense to people who are going to be at service within five or more years to receive doctor's degree.

Nigerian pastors sermons – how to get a bigger income?

There are many other ways allowing pastors to get huge sums of money just for spreading of books, TV shows and many other things with sermons. For example, Nigerian richest pastor Chris Oyakhilome gets his money in the following ways. He is one of Nigerian pastors with private jet. But he decided not to stop on it and bought his own Skypower Company making planes. Another source of the income is his videos, which collect a hundred of thousands views on YouTube and are the subjects of monetization. He has an own website named Yookos. Chris has own TV channel, which broadcasts 24 hours every day. He is the author of religious books, which are sold nicely. In total, the net worth of pastor makes more than $50 million.

As you see, there are many sources of additional income for pastors. They can spread their information and books and get huge sums of remuneration for it. So, the church is not the only way to get money for them.


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