How pastors get rich

People are wondering whether the pastors make a lot of money. Do they have some business or something? Why don’t they admit their huge profits? You’ll hear all the truth right now!

Unfortunately, religion has become a some kind of business in many countries. People wonder why and how pastors get rich. Where do they get money?

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How do pastors get rich?

There are plenty of ways to make money nowadays. But what should you do if you are a pastor? How to become a real money magnet? During the centuries pastors have been becoming richer and richer. There are plenty of pastors who are extremely rich. But how is it possible in deed?

How do preachers get rich? Top 10:

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1. The Multi-level Marketing Pattern

Have no idea what it means? Well, church is ‘a huge business center’ and a pastor is a businessman who sells you something. He gets a per cent or any other profit from any purchase.

2. Books

Pastors love writing books. About God, their lives or others. Of course, they get profit selling books. And if they are quite successful this profit can be huge.

3. DVDs

Sometimes different disks with pastor’s thoughts, ideas, ceremonies and others cost pretty much.

4. Conferences

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Everything what pastors do costs some money. It’s not a secret.

5. The Christian Speaking Circuit

Whether people want to listen to a pastor saying the religious truth, his ideas and thought – it’s not free too. For the heads of the church this point is very important. Because if a pastor speaks well he becomes more and more popular. People gathers around him.

6. Pastor Owned Businesses that Feed Off the whole ‘church crew’

Usually this is ‘writing’ business. Books usually become very popular and pastor ‘asks’ people at the church to buy it. Sometimes the profit can be extremely big. But it’s not only one business pastor can use to make money. They have their own companies, farms and others.

7. Cathedral Building Wars

If government or a rich businessman gives money on building cathedral isn’t that cool to rule that money? To decide where it will go? Usually it’s very difficult to detect where the whole sum of money has gone.

8. Siphoning Cash into Property

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Isn’t that clever? Pastors often buy property instead of saving money in banks. Sometimes they hand it over or sell it for more expensive sums some years later. It’s a huge profit too.

9. Excessive Wages and perks

Sometimes the wages of the pastors may be extremely big. By the way, they always get some bonuses or perks. For example, American pastors may earn hundred thousand dollars per year. Much more than a simple American worker gets. No doubt, mercantile people want to make money on it.

10. Nepotism

That’s true fact in a lot of countries. People help their relatives and friends find a place to work. Church is a good variant for those ‘who believe’ and who knows how to communicate with people. If a person is talented, can sing, write or something, it is an advantage. Then there always will be a place for him in a church.

World trend

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The amount of payment, taxes and pensions for clergy are different in different countries. Some countries are trying to regulate their money incomes. But that is quite difficult. Some payments are ‘white’ and legal and some are from ‘beloved’ and religious heart. Nowadays pastors make money almost on everything. But it very important for them not to forget what the real sense of their work is.


Wow, all the cards are opened. Always surprised to the fact that almost all the clergy, pastors, priests go on a fairly expensive cars. These people are always big houses, land in front of the house is enclosed by a high fence. That's where an ordinary pastor can make it all ?! Now it is clear, and it is clear that they are all of what they are doing have a good percentage of the profits. But that everyone survives as you can in this harsh world. But I always thought that the priests - those are people who will not take a penny extra. Apparently I was wrong. But if I were in their place, I do not know as it came. So, you can not judge people.

Answered 9 months ago.
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