How to Meditate – 5 Best Tips for Nigeria

Learning to meditate can help you to relax and reflect upon life and the Word of God. It can help you put your life on a pause and thoroughly enjoy it.

In big cities rat race the only thing people can dream of is rest. Relaxation becomes symbolic, simple rest is not only lying on the sofa, watching TV – it is almost the art. About 10 or even 5 years ago, meditation was a rather unknown, unfamiliar activity, connected with hippies and not with the modern folks. Those who were interested in meditation and knew how to meditate were treated as religious fanatics; their culture was wild and even scary.
How to Meditate

Everything has changed nowadays. We have realized that meditation is a way to harmony. This harmony connects us with the outer world. Moreover, meditation can help us to feel the connection between our inner world and nature, with everything that surrounds us.

Meditation is a way to fresh up, to feel more confidence and strong. To know how to properly meditate means to be able to control all your emotions and not to ruin yourself from inside out. People who have meditated for a long time know the sense of freedom and lightness that come after complete relaxing.

Meditation helps

  • How to Meditate – 5 Tips for Nigeriato feel better (physically and mentally),
  • to sleep better,
  • to rest easier and more effectively,
  • to control your emotions,
  • to feel harmony with your inner and outer worlds.

There are many words said about the necessity of meditation. All of them sound very persuasive but you can understand them only after trying all the methods personally.

Power of meditation is not magic. It is an exercise for both body and soul. There are five steps of successful meditation for beginners and experienced people:

  1. Set aside the time for meditation. Professionals advise to meditate twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. The first meditation will help you to concentrate on the day and your targets and the second will help you to relax and get ready for sleep. Meditation should not be long; 15–20 minutes are enough. This time is ample for waking up in the morning, getting ready and charging you up with a new day’s energy. On the other hand, these 15 or 20 minutes are enough to keep calm, summarize all the results of the day, and go to bed thinking about the next day in a positive mood.
  2. How to Meditate – 5 Best Tips Choose the place for meditation. It should not be the place where you usually sleep. Your mind can send a signal to sleep just because of the habit. However, if you do not have an appropriate place for meditation, do not give up the idea of it. Some people can even meditate while going to work in the subway or in the noisy office. The main point of meditation is to get rid of stress.
    Right in the middle of a stressful situation you still can stay focused. The situation gets you started and back on track, when the deadline is approaching and you start working faster and more efficiently because you do not have any choice.
  3. Sit in a correct pose. It should not always be a lotus pose. You should feel comfort and your arms and legs should feel that they are free to move. Keep your back straight. You can seat on the chair but your back still should be straight and should not touch the seatback. You may feel a little heaviness in your spine, it will pass away as you get trained. Lying down and meditating can make you fall asleep. Getting more medication will ease your spine and the heaviness would be over.
  4. Relax your body. Focus all your attention on those parts of it that may feel discomfort. As soon as you concentrate on this pain, you feel that it starts disappearing.
  5.  Meditate for NigeriaThen concentrate on your breathing. Your breath is one the most important parts of the meditation. Think about how you are breathing. Clear your mind of any outer thoughts. As soon as you start feeling that you think of something else – return your concentration to the beginning and think about your breathing again.

    When you concentrate successfully, you will realize that all thoughts come to your head are like flying through it, without your participation in the process. However, this level of practice needs time to be achieved.

You cannot compare meditation to sleep. It is hard to describe but when you snooze, you cannot control everything that happens in your mind. When you meditate, you can control it but you do not interfere. You behave as a listener and spectator, as a teacher and a student who wants to know something new about his sub consciousness.

Meditation is a thin balance between action and inaction, stress and lack of will, total control and its absence. It is a philosophical way of comprehending yourself being strongly connected with total self-control. Meditation should become your habit so you can feel its power.

If you try to meditate for the first time, you sort of peek in behind the scenes, but it’s a good experience to begin with. Trying even once you can be sure that it is not useless even if you do not feel much difference.


What to concentrate on during meditation

  •  Meditate – 5 Best Tips for NigeriaBreathing. As we have already said, the most important thing to concentrate on is breathing. As you are very relaxed, you can feel that your breath can become very rare and slight. Do not be afraid of this. It is natural and normal,
  • reading mantras. Repeating words from mantra can help to concentrate but actually, mantra is a prayer. It influences most if you really know what you are saying and believe in this. You can use any prayer in any language instead of mantra or even use your own phrases that help you to clean your mind up,
  • visualization technique. You can imagine anything you want. Imagine fire or water or any surrounding if it helps you to feel relaxed.

What concentration means

Concentrating on your breath does not mean concentration on some imaginary processes like air going through your nose or mouth and then spreading all over your body. It means to concentrate on your feelings. How your nose or mouth (lips) feel when you inhale, how your diaphragm enlarge or how your belly moves. To realize what is better to concentrate on you have to make an experiment and try different techniques. It will help you to understand which one is the most suitable for you.

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Important advice

How to Meditate – 5 Tips

  • Do not get stressed by thinking or not thinking of anything. It sounds like nonsense but the fact is that many people make this mistake. You start worrying about how to concentrate correctly and get very stressed. This ruins all the positive effect.
  • Your organism should get used to this exercises, do not interrupt the process.
  • Pay attention to how good you feel in those days when you meditate. Consider everything: how well you sleep and how good your mood and appetite are.
  • Do not eat right before or after meditation. Your body and mind should feel harmony and lightness. It will be difficult to feel lightness after hearty eating.

Myths about meditation

  1. How to Meditate 1Meditation is an east religions practice. This myth is usually connected with another one – that meditation was created by Buddha. It is not true because Buddha only explained it and was the first who put meditation on the first place. It will probably surprise you but meditation is a part of every religion known in the world, it just has different names but the same purpose. The main thing than unites all types of such practices is a way to achieving harmony.
  2. Meaning of meditation is a prayer. Meditation can include praying if you repeat mantras while meditating but it is not even necessary.
  3. Calm and silence are obligatory for meditation. As we have already said, people can meditate in any place if it is possible for them to concentrate and relax. Meditation does not have strict rules about silence during the session.
  4. To feel the effect of meditation you should just sit and meditate. Actually, meditating while sitting and doing nothing physically is a part of this practice but It is also better  to include meditation in everyday life. Try to follow your condition and thoughts during the process to be able to control it all the time. That will lead you to desirable success. By the way, meditation is strongly connected with yoga. Yoga helps to get harmony with your body and to feel it perfectly. The most difficult yoga pose (so called asana) is just to lie on your back and meditate. You should be working on yourself during this exercise.
  5. Meditation is a way of not solving but escaping from problems and suppressing emotions. While meditating you learn how to solve your problems without any aggression and harm for yourself and those who are near you. Meditation can teach how not to hide your emotions, as it is very harmful both for your body and mind.

How to get maximum use

How to Meditate 2

  • Use acceptance. Let your meditation practice be slow but detailed. The slower process is the better you understand the lesson.
  • Be wise. Develop your memory skills and use your experience while solving problems. Try to predict the consequences.
  • Do not forget about love. Meditation teaches how to love yourself. It also teaches you to love everything around you.
  • Use it everywhere. Feel your life; keep realizing everything that happens to you beside meditation. Let it fulfill your mind so that it could stay with you.


  • Meditation is a way of feeling good. You feel better when you know that everything you do and think about is right,
  • meditation is not just lying or sitting and doing nothing. It is a process and it needs efforts to be made,
  • to meditate does not mean to pray,
  • to know how to meditate means to understand how to control your emotions and to live in harmony with your inner world,
  • meditation is available for everyone and it does not depend on religion, race or anything else.


Practice as you are more comfortable. The techniques that work for some people, may not work for you. Don't let this get you upset. Remember the relaxation!

Make an effort to understand his mood and thoughts when not meditating. You may notice that you become much calmer, happier and informed in the days when you meditate, but you will also see a decrease of these qualities on days when you do not practice it.

It is very easy to lose track of time during meditation. However, if you're worried about time, it can distract you from meditation. Some people find the output of the timer to counting down how much time they take to meditation. Choose a quiet timer. If it is very sharp, you can distract wait.

Answered 10 months ago.

To meditate is a great art. I believe when you meditate you give life to your body and soul. The most effective way to begin is to repeat "I am what I am" and just relax. You should understand that you have to give relax to your life and you can do it through meditation. I had a great experience when I was at the Science Center of Copernik and watched how my brain worked; so when I was relaxed the power of my brain increased and vice versa when I was worried the power of my brain decreased. The consequence is when you get feel of peace you can taste life. I've tried to meditate and it is really hard. However, everyone should try to do it and get the key to the true life.

Answered 1 year ago.

I tried to meditate a lot of times but sometimes it doesn't work if l do it on purpose. When I try to meditate - I can't concentrate. But as I'm a creative person ( I draw paintings, write some prose and poetry and try to create something espessial and new) it just vhappens itself - I can't explain how and why. I just lay in the bed, think about my everyday troubles, then starting to sleep and... I feel that l am relaxed and my imagination gives me absolutely new and fresh ideas. I think that this is a real meditation.

Answered 1 year ago.

Entire depth of concept of meditation in focusing, you must focus on yourself, on body, on mind, on heart, on world, tranquility, music and art, on people and on society. I concentrate on breathing, such as credit breaths. Try let go of thoughts. If you do it badly fails, use object on which you have focused their attention focus again. Meditate few minutes in day. As mastering technique of meditation, you can choose most convenient and acceptable for you practice. Also, I try choose quiet place where no one and nothing distract you. You can select an object focus your attention.

Answered 1 year ago.

I want to learn how to meditate also, because I often feel a great need for silence and peace. There is so much noise, stress and cruelty around us that it sometimes seems that my head will blow up. I believe thet meditation will bring calmness and balance not only in my mind, but in my body either. Unfortunately I have no such an opportunity - to meditate in the morning - usually I am too short of time getting my children at school. But I am definitely going to try to do it in the evening. I hope it will help me sleep better.

Answered 1 year ago.

Meditation is a real peace of mind that we can bring to ourselves by following those simple steps that I've just read. I've never tried meditation before, even though I really feel the need of it. I might try to make my first meditation today by following this information in this article. Ambient music can be helpful as well and useful during meditation. I'd never thought that it can be also considered as a prayer. Pretty interesting. I think if all people would start meditating we would be ble to cope with stress and depression without visiting psychologists.

Answered 1 year ago.
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