Illuminati – who are they?

What are the main goals of Illuminati? Are they dangerous for society? Read the article and you’ll learn the main facts.

Illuminati – are they real?

There are different points of view on this object, but any of them isn't proved yet. Some people believe that Illuminati are a lie, and it is possible that this is true.

Illuminati – who are they

Illuminati who they killed?

This secret organization existed for two thousand years, and often changed its names not to draw excess attention of people and to foul the trail. None of those who were Illuminati spoke about it openly as for it the death threatened. All illuminates valued their own life very much, in spite of the fact that knew about a set of the embodiments. However, in this community hasn't done without victims. Most likely, it was those who have dared to tell their secret.

Illuminati – are they real

Illuminati are they good or bad?

All illuminates know who they are and know what they have to be engaged in. They accurately carry out their objectives. For refusal of implementation of the order, they get death. All illuminates are convinced of their selectivity and exclusiveness. One more widespread question about Illuminati – how they control the world? They create rules for people and secretly operate the governments of many countries. At the same time, sources of financing and informing are hidden from public. Their secret orders become the reason of crises and armed conflicts in the world. For members of this secret society the feeling of respect is alien, they wish to dominate over other people. Illuminates trust nobody. They are cold, clever, prudent, insensible and heartless in relation to people. They use talented people in field of activity necessary to them, providing good material conditions and high salary.

Illuminati who they killed

Illuminati – they come to take control

If to address a word meaning 'illuminati', then in translation from Latin it means 'brightened'. This secret society, judging by some data, exists in our time too. It disappears under a sign of elite club of oligarchs who are secretly weaved among themselves by financial communications. All these rich businessmen are distributed on accurate scale of ranks and control the power, being, in fact, governors in all most significant spheres of political and economic life. Members of this club hold the highest posts. They are very rich and consider themselves above than laws.

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Illuminati are they good or bad

Their most part belongs to number of the richest families in the world, and they rule the world from shadow. These are people, who make decisions and write rules for governors. Their family tree contains many generations leaping far deep into centuries. At the same time, for them it is especially important to keep from generation to generation purity of blood. The power of these people is founded not only on economic power, but also on secret knowledge. Illuminates own the world banks, oil business, the most powerful trade organizations and productions.

The ultimate goal of illuminati consists in creation of uniform world order and the world government.




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In Rome, in 1650, a group of scientists, including mathematicians, physicists and astronomers, revolted against Church dogma. They began to gather in secret meetings, where they discussed methods of combating the fact that the Church with its religious teachings undermine the authority of science and does not allow the society to know the truth. This group of scientists called themselves "enlightened" or "Illuminati" (lat. "lightbringers"). The Church was severely struggling with the Illuminati. They were caught, tortured and executed. The same, in the end, had no choice but to flee from Italy. Members in the society of the Illuminati was added every year. Later they joined the masons, who managed to mercilessly use in the financial plan. Originally, the Illuminati were scientists only, but later entered into it all outcasts of the Catholic faith(Jews, mystics, alchemists, Muslims, etc.) So bright thoughts about the triumph of the "great science" was transformed into a war with the Catholic Church. There are suggestions that the brotherhood or the Illuminati exists to this day. Society of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded may 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt University law Professor Adam Weishaupt. Society can be described as a radical offshoot of the Enlightenment, which in this period was gaining strength.

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