Should female circumcision be abolished?

What is female circumcision and why should it be abolished? Learn now!

 female circumcision

What do you know about female genital mutilation (FGM)? You need to reed this artcle to safe health and life of many girls and women in the worls.

So what is FGM? These are all procedures where part or all of the external female genitalia are removed for non-medical reasons. There are four main types of female genital mutilation.

  1. The first type of FGM is when the clitoris, which is a top part of the private part has been removed completely or half of it.
  2. The second type is when again the clitoris has been removed and then the inner lips as well, which is also known as labia minora.
  3. The third type of female circumcision is wheneverything has been removed: the clitoris, the inner lips and the big lips as well. And when they removed everything, the edges of vagina are stitched together. Usuallly leave a tiny opening for the passage of menstruation only.
  4. The last type female circumcisionis also known as unclassified one. It includes pricking the area, forr example of clitoris, sometimes introduction of corrosive of materials to the vulvar area or tattoo cutting into the flesh or the rugae on the floor of the vagina.

There are so many women and girls oll over the world, that have been victims of that terrible rite. They are so frustrated and upset, this has happened to them. And especially that this was done by their family. The immediate complications of female genital mutilation include hemorrhage and excessive bleeding.


Should female circumcision be abolished

When you remove the clitoris either with scissors or with razor blade, the child or the young woman will bleed. Women who have had female genital mutilation, present with recurrent urinary tract infection, the vaginal infection and these can prevent women from getting pregnant because this horrible act will lead to infertility. So a girl may get such complications as vaginal and urinary infections, and even HIV because of using the same reason blade or the same equipment for cutting a poor girl. Women and girls after female genital mutilation feel strong pain during sexual intercourse and also it hurts very much when they have ther period.

And even worse is the fact that women, who  have had the third type of female genital mutilation, get problems during sex. They neeed to be cutten again to open the vagina because with such a small opening there is no way they can have normal penetration during sexual intercourse. When a little babygirl gets female genital mutilation, it can die from the short-term effect of it. Usually the so colled terrible surgary is maid with no painkillers, so a a victim gets pain shock. If a women did get pregnant after this rite, a mother can die during childhood and a baby can die of FGM as well. 

 female circumcision be abolished

Female genital mutilation is a terrible crime and violation against female rights. 140 130 million girls are victims of FGM. This common rite is popular in over the thirty countries of the world. Especially it is widespreaded in countries of Africa and of the Middle East. Women and girls feel extreme physical pain and shock, psychological abusement. The results of this owful practice are risk of prolonged bleeding, infection, infertility and death.

Too bad it's a deeply-rooted traditional practice of specific populations and it can be performed at any stage of a woman's life starting from infancy until old age. FGM is most commonly performed before puberty perhaps between the ages about five and eight.

female circumcision be abolished in 2017

The origins of female circumcision remains a mistery. It is believed, that FGM has shared roots with chinese foot binding. Because both practices are associated with the ability to be married, the  fidelity of the wives to the husbands and the chastity.

Everyone need to know that FGM can kill. We need to change the attitude of the world and each human to this huge and owful problem of our society. We need to empower women and girls and vote against female circumcision untill the next girl will have to gone through this abusing and painful rite. We need to end FGM as earlier as possible. You should tell all the people, who don't know about it, to fight it together with all the world and save from mutilation poor girls. Share this information and save lives. We need to end FGM right now.


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