What are the main secret cult illuminati symbols?

Interested in Illuminati? Find out more about their signs and symbols and their meaning. Are they from God?

Who are illuminati? Are there lots of them among us? Do you know there're Nigerian ones? Can a secret cult really make me rich and at what price that can happen?  Find out interesting facts about Illuminati symbols, which you have never heard before. This cult is not exactly the godly one and people should be aware of the meaning of their signs. Some of them may even shock you! 

What are the main illuminati symbols?

Illuminati symbols refer to an ancient and secret cult. Few people actually know about them. However, nowadays is has become more popular.

Illuminati history

Illuminati historyThe mysterious cult takes its roots in far 1776. At the beginning, it was very small group, which consisted of only five people (the actual founders). Their main aim was to take control and power over the whole world. They were planning to occupy the most influential positions. Besides, they wanted to attract others influential persons to the cult. As the information says, the group has initially wanted to limit church interference into public life. Their ideas, however, were much more progressive.

According to the existing data, illuminati members might have used the most devilish and terrifying methods to achieve their purpose. They selected the devil as their overseer. It's the main reason why any member of the group must be devoted to devil and mock at everything connected with God.

Illuminati people have signs and symbols possessing great sense for them. The main one is all seeing eye, which is often called udjat. It looks like human eye, incorporated in a special shape (the most common one is triangle). Starting from its origin, this sign denotes Lucifer. It means he's able to see everything and everyone. He is watching us. 

What are the main illuminati symbols?Nowadays people are very concerned about illuminati signs and the cult. As the Internet has become available worldwide, many theorists have started to tell their stories and guesses. They keep looking for secret meanings, evidence, and other things. We can even call them obsessed with the idea of such myths. The symbols, which are mostly associated with Illuminati, include triangles, pentagrams, goats, All Seeing Eye, and number 666.

Possible members

As we have said, many people have got obsessed with it. They have their guesses, who could be members of this secret society. The most common suspects are usually rich and popular people. Among the possible ones, are:

illuminati symbolsBeyonce. This popular singer is even considered the queen of New World Order. It's her great fame, which has turned her into the first target of conspiracy theorists. She has been accused of devil worshipping by such so-called experts.

 Jay-Z. As you may guess, they call him a king of New World Order. They're sure that he is trying to hide devilish symbols in his videos. They enumerate something like goats, devil horns, etc. Moreover, the logo of his music label (the pyramid) makes them absolutely mad.

illuminati symbols Jay-Z.Rihanna. As Jay-Z’s protégé, she is another target of theorists. However, having wonderful sense of humor, she has joked about such theories in her music video for song S&M song, which featured fake newspaper with headline calling her Princess of Illuminati.

Much more celebrities are accused of being the cult members. The reasons are usually their wealth and photos with possible symbols.

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The illuminati symbolism

Now let’s observe the common signs, applied by Illuminati people. They include the following:

All seeing eye. We have already discussed it, as it is thought to be main one. You might get surprised, but this sign may be found on American dollar notes.

illuminati symbols All seeing eye.

Zodiac symbols. It's really hard to believe, but such common signs are also considered devilish. Many people say they have satanic origin. Theorists suppose they might have been used as the means of deception through the horoscopes.

illuminati symbols Zodiac symbols

Inverted cross. Such symbol is frequently seen on graves of influential personality. It is possible to find such crosses on tombs of Adolf Hitler’s troop members. The principal aim of the symbol is to mock at the Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

illuminati symbols Inverted cross.

Sun wheel. You have probably heard that is Adolf Hitler’s sign. It contains two sharp-cornered letters S crossed.

 illuminati symbols Sun wheel.

666. It is a hand sign. Plenty of people call it mark of the beast. That’s why it has become one of the most famous symbols of antichrist culture. To say the truth, many educated people claim that this number is a mistake of the rewriter in the Bible. The real one, to their mind, was 616. Besides, this number is also known as number of man.

illuminati symbols 666

Pyramid. It has been said, this is another frequently applied sign. There exist several interpretations of it. According to the most common one, it represents the command structure of the Illuminati organization. Capstone in this case means the elite. Then come those, who are under their rule. The second hypothesis says that 13 steps of pyramid represent 13 Illuminati Bloodlines.

illuminati symbols piramid

Pentagram. It is mostly known for being used in various satanic rituals. Originally, its aim was to protect from demons. Nowadays it denotes the triumph of matter over spirit.

illuminati symbols Pentagram.

Owl. It represents powerful pagan lord of the underworld. Members of the cult show that they are wise and mighty rulers with the help of this symbol.

Owl illuminati symbols

These signs are the most popular. However, there exist much more of them. It doesn't mean, you should immediately believe in those myths. Many of the evidence might appear to be scams. But everyone can find out more information and decide, whether to trust this information or not.

Such an old cult and legends have always been in the centre of people’s attention. All of us want to believe in something supernatural or mysterious. Nevertheless, it is better to check the information and make sure it is true. Otherwise, you might be easily deceived and become obsessed as many modern theorists. In order to avoid it, make certain you have chosen a reliable resource. In such case, you can receive lots of interesting data and broaden your mind. Sometimes it is good to observe illuminati as historic phenomenon, and not the everyday reality.

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