What is Bishop Allan Kiuna biography?

What is the latest news about Bishop Allan Kiuna’s private life? Why was Bishop Allan Kiuna recognized as one of the richest and most scandalous pastors? Read the information below to learn the latest facts about the life of this man.

Bishop Allan Kiuna biography

Bishop Allan Kiuna biography is not known, but we certainly know that he is one of the richest and scandalous pastors in Kenya. How did he receive this glory? Read the article to learn all about his life.

Bishop Allan Kiuna of JCC caught pants down

Bishop Allan Kiuna has rather a scandalous reputation. Recently he became known thanks to inventive ways to receive money from innocent Kenyans. Recently in Instagram of the famous pastor of Bishop Allan Kiuna photos of the personal plane have appeared. He has added the comment: ‘Thank you very much, wonderful people.’ It has turned out that Internet users have decided to please Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) and have raised money among his parishioners to buy him a personal plane. On Sunday, church and its participants wrote on Twitter about the birthday of their bishop. However, there were no announcements of fund collecting. The bishop has made the statement about the common gift in the profile in Instagram. The photo was quickly removed after scandalous comments on various social networks. There was a set of comments from users who have asked a question how visitors of social media could award the bishop with the personal plane. Other users insisted that this information is incorrect, and Bishop Allan Kiuna just can rake Christians over the coals.

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Bishop Allan Kiuna of JCC caught pants down

Bishop Allan Kiuna house Runda

The pastor and his wife live in Runda where most of the people only dream to live. Their house is located in the smart estate. The mansion is located on the expensive ground which costs more than Ksh200 million.

Bishop Allan Kiuna son

Many people think that a married couple of Bishop Allan Kiuna and reverend Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church have only two children. Recently the public knew only about two charming daughters. But it is not the only children of Allan and Kathy. The couple had a son recently named Jeremy Kiuna. People know only two daughters as only they appeared on Instagram and other social networks throughout all time.

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