Who is a pastor?

Who of pastors are members of Illuminati? What are their functions in the modern world? Read the information to learn.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

In a church lexicon, there is the word ‘pastor’. It is used concerning the priests playing a role of tutors of members of the community.

Who is a pastor according to the bible?

There is a unique tradition in the East. People grazed sheep the following way in ancient times: the observer of ships goes ahead and calls herd, giving his voice. Sheep distinguish voices well and won't go following the foreign person when they implicitly follow the voice of their owner. This image has formed the basis of a bible image of the religious pastor. Originally, at the time of the Old Testament, God was called the pastor, and people of Israel were his flock. Later this analogy began to be attributed to the priesthood of the Old Testament, which had to learn people to the religious truth and morality. Besides, being a pastor was considered a duty of the Israeli and Judaic governors, as they were representatives of God in the political and economic life of the state. Then service of the pastor was taken by the preacher named Jesus who was not related to the priesthood, but applying for the name of the son of God. If to believe what is written in the Christian gospel, which has entered the New Testament, then Jesus said that he was a truly good shepherd whom sheep knew and listened to. He opposed himself to Pharisees and Sadducees – groups of the Judaic leaders and priests of that time discrediting religion at people and the Roman power. Besides, Christ has told very important words, which will subsequently become the characteristic of an ideal of pastor service, without which it is impossible to understand who the pastor is.

So, we have found out that in Christianity Jesus is an ideal pastor. Who is this person if not to consider the belief of Christians that he was the embodiment of God? By profession, Christ was a handicraftsman and vagrant preacher. But the teaching is not parsonage yet. He sponsored and cared for a community, which accompanied him in wanderings and shared all grieves and pleasures of his destiny with him. But it is quite natural and also doesn't answer a question of who is the pastor. According to Jesus, the true shepherd is such mentor, who is ready to offer the life for the sake of rescue of the flock. It is the key moment, which distinguishes the true pastor from the one whom Christ called mercenaries. The last, according to him, run away in a minute of danger, leaving herd for wolves, and the true shepherd protects the sheep to the last breath. Besides, it has been told that the pastor enters a sheepfold through the gate directly, and thieves do undermining or get over fencing. Therefore, everyone who tries to obtain the status of the mentor in the Christian community in a dishonest way is not a pastor, but the thief. Christ also told about wolves that come to herd in a sheepskin. It is meant the heads exploit flock for profit, satisfy the vanity and lust for power, not taking care of its wellbeing and needs.

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Nigerian pastors in Illuminati

Who is a pastor and what are his functions in the modern world?

In Catholic Church, a pastoral role is played by three categories of people – priests and bishops of all ranks and the Pope. In general, Pope is a bishop too. But in Catholicism his role is especially unique in every respect that it is possible to speak about his functions, how about absolutely independent service. The Pope is considered Christ's deputy on Earth. Therefore, being an authorized representative of God, he extends the power to the entire church. At least, on the part, which recognizes him, and these are billion and a quarter people. Bishops, that means supervisors, are pastors within dioceses – church areas. Priests are pastors in a specific community. Service of a mass, commission of other sacraments, the sermon and the spiritual guide of believers belongs to their duties. This is the definition of a pastor in the church, according to the general representations of Catholics.

Protestants have just canceled all the titles. It should be noted that there are many Protestant faiths and sometimes they considerably differ among themselves. For example, Anglicans are very close to Catholics. All these things concern a concept of a ministry. Nevertheless, the Protestant mainstream considers the pastor as the layman elected with the consent of all community to service of the word. It means that the based task of these people is the sermon. In Protestantism, there is no difficult hierarchy and rigid distribution of the power, as in Catholicism. But the sermon of pastors is interfaced to administrative functions by default. In general, this service has a bigger charismatic shade than in other directions of Christianity. In other words, if in Catholicism the priest is a pastor just according to his position even if he is, for example, on rest and doesn't have any service, then in Protestantism the pastor is called only the one who really does the specific functions. With the service termination, the person loses the status of the pastor.

The most popular Nigerian pastor

The most popular Nigerian pastor

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the most popular Nigerian pastors in Africa. He has his own channel and a set of books, which have a good sale in the world. The pastor is also known for self-contradictory statements about healing by belief. The net worth of Pastor Chris is more than $50 million.

Nigerian pastors in Illuminati

There are rumors that popular Nigerian pastors are participants of Illuminati. It is impossible to tell with big confidence if this is a truth. However, pastors are known for the phrases, which allow guessing it. This is the list of these pastors:

  • Prophet TB Joshua,
  • Pastor Chris Oyakilomi,
  • Rev Father Mbaka,
  • Pastor Enoch Adeboye,
  • David Oyedepo,
  • Lazarus Muoka.

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