Who is the most influential pastor in Nigeria in 2016? Check out top 10

The index of the religiosity is a certain percentage of the whole population of the country, who correlate themselves as "religious" regardless of whether they attend a sacred and holy places or not, "non-religious" or a convinced atheist. I


In the study, some amazing observations were made:

1. The poor people are supposed to be more religious than the rich one. People with low incomes are 17% more religious than people with high incomes.

2. The number of people throughout the world who have recognized themselves as religious has decreased by 9% since 2005 to 2015, while the number of people identifying themselves as atheists, increased by 3%.

3. Four countries experienced a drop in religiosity among the population, which has increased more than 20% between 2005 and 2015. In France and Switzerland, the number of religious has decreased by 21% in Ireland, 22% in Vietnam, 23%.

The following countries are believed to be the most religious, judging by the index.

  • Ghana - 96% of religious people. As in Ghana, according to the 2000 census, the population consists of 68.8% Christians, 15.9% Muslims, followers of traditional cults 8.5%, other 0.7%.
  • Nigeria - 93% of the religious majority of the inhabitants of the country are Christians - more than 50%, Muslims - 33%, Catholics - 15%.

In this article we are going to tell about the most influential pastors in Nigeria in 2016. For many centuries, as in Nigeria Christianity is most common religion, pastors are spreading the Gospel and have become very serious persons. Nobody knows how their life will be if not the religion.

10. Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka

This person is a Catholic priest and maybe you are informed that he is believed to be the most controversial priest in this religious country. He is a well-known person, who is demanded among many policy-makers in Nigeria, as he is famous for his prayers as well as prophecies. There is no doubt that he is also a very good friend to the current head of the country, the reason is that he has predicted the Buhari’s election victory.


9. Bishop Matthew Ashimolowo

He has converted to Christianity from such a religion as Islam when he was 20. This happened after the death of his father before enrolling at a Bible school. Now he is a clergyman, who is working at the London International Cristian Center.

8. William Kumuyi

The pastor who has found Deeper Life Bible Church now is a writer. His books have had a great influence on the people around the whole globe, not only in Nigeria.

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7. Pastor Tunde Bakare

He is famous for being a Prophetic-Apostolic pastor, who has gained attention both from national and international public for his adherence to televangelism. Nevertheless, he is a member of the APC party, which is a ruling party now.

6. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

He is a minister, who has also found Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated. So, this pastor is a spiritual father for a lot of people around the world.


5. Rev. Chris Okotie

The pastor is famous for applying for the post of the president in Nigeria. He is also a former pop singer among Nigerians.

4. Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

World of Life Bible Church was founded by this pastor. Ayo Oritsejafor is a spiritual farther to the previous president of Nigeria, as well as for many other policy-makers in the country.

3. Prophet T.B Joshua

Synagogue Church of All Nation is the creation of this man of the God. He is supposed to be the most powerful pastors in Nigeria, as well as the two next persons.


2. Pastor E.A Adeboye

The founder of the RCCG.

1. Bishop David Oyedepo

Living Faith Christian Church A.K.A Winners Chapel is under his supervision. So, he is the wealthiest pastor in the world.

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