Why Osun students go to school in hijabs?

Why do Muslim students of Osun wear hijabs? What measures will be taken by the local government to avoid the conflict?

osun hijab

Christian students in Osun State came to schools in the church garments, in an emotional but aggressive way to protest against the wearing of Hijab by female Muslim students.

   Students entered Baptist High School, Adeeke in Iwo town of Osun State and Salvation Army Middle School, Alekuwodo, in the robes.The Christian Association of Nigeria has been protesting against the government, which allows Hijab in schools.
   Earlier, CAN made a warning that Christian pupils in schools would start wearing church garments to school if the Governor Aregbesola goes ahead to apply a judgment by the state High Court which makes the use of hijab by Muslim students legal.
   Last Friday CAN chairman, Elisha Ogundiya, has released a statement which said that the decision was taken at an emergency meeting of the committee of association’s executive and the Churches heads held in Osogbo on June 7:

osun hijab
“Where the Osun State Government is inclined to implementing the judgment Christian students in all public schools founded by Christians with the toil and sweat of our forefathers in the faith will have no choice but to start wearing Christian garments and vestments as part of the school uniform for the propagation of our own faith given the Justice Saka Oyejide Falola declared right of Muslim Female Students to do same as what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander as well.”

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   The association accused the court leading, which amongst many things, implied that hijab was a fundamental right of Muslim women.
   CAN also claims that the declaration allowing to wear the hijabs is violating the religious rights of the original owners of the missionary schools.

rauf aregbesola

   Osun State governor, Rauf Aregbesola, stated the same day when it all happened that the students found breaking school rules are in the state risk expulsion.

Unfortunately, it will be very hard to avoid the conflict but let’s hope that the representors of both religions will find peace and understanding.


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