Do humans have pheromones?

What do you know about human pheromones? Do we really have a specific scent to attract potential mates?

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It`s obvious that all of us try to find someone special to live the whole life together and happily ever after. Therefore, we always try to find methods to attract this someone in our lives. Do you use perfumes and colognes to attract your potential love interest? Is it work? Do humans have pheromones? It might be seeming amazing, but according to the Scientific America, men and women do have distinctive scents that can draw the attention of a potential sexual partner. Nevertheless, humans pheromones do not smell, like a super brand perfume, but it apparently works. Therefore, it can be named natural pheromones in humans that we inherited from the Mother Nature.

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What can you tell about humans pheromones?

What can you tell about pheromones?

Pheromones can be defined as a common scent for animals which lure a potential mate. Nevertheless, it can also work in the opposite direction; it helps to threat some animals and mark territory. Do humans produce pheromones? It seems this kind of scent also comes naturally. Nevertheless, it`s hard to detect pheromones on the human body. Scientists still have problems with detecting the area of our brain that is responsible for detecting  pheromones and reacting to pheromones. Therefore, it can be an explanation why there are no humans pheromones detected, and there is no reaction exist for humans.

According to study provided by the Huddinge University Hospital on the matter:" Do humans release pheromones?", there is still be the light in a question of the pheromone activity for a human. According to the experiment provided by Ivanka Savic in Sweden, it was stated that by providing a synthetic scent of testosterone or estrogen led to the increase of blood flow to the hypothalamus. The experiment was made on men and women. Therefore, the increase of bloodstream was monitored in men when they smell estrogen and in women when they smell the testosterone. Nevertheless, nobody has the reaction when smelled the same sex. The hypothalamus is the part of our brain in rodents. It`s involved in pheromone detection in animals.

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The pheromone detected reaction for specific gender gives the suggestions, which people can produce pheromones and detect them. Moreover, the same region of the brain is used for detecting pheromones of animals. Therefore, what can we expect from this experiment? This particular experiment proves that people have pheromones and it comes naturally from their bodies. Therefore, if we try to meet a potential couple, we can also use natural body testosterone and estrogen to lure out the potential target.

Do humans have pheromones? Smell have many other distinctive characteristics that are still secret for us. Therefore, we can expect more scientific researches that can provide us the understanding of the power of scent. Moreover, some scientist even tried to discover if couples who lived for a long time together could distinguish the scent of the partner. It was proved that every second couple could distinguish the scent of the partners. Therefore, pheromones can help you to lure a potential partner. Nevertheless, pheromones can act in the complete opposite direction with providing some smell to threat the enemy. 

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